The Work-Life Balance

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately.

For most of the last six years my family and I have lived overseas because of my work. In that time an awful lot has changed. I went from newly engaged, to married, to a father. I went from a technican to a manager and a mentor. I went from having next to no qualifications to beginning and excelling at a distance-learning degree. I’m a home owner, a budding vlogger and I brought this website back having lost it.

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So, Where Were We?

What a stroke of luck. After pretty much giving up hope of ever reclaiming this web address I managed to contact the current owner and made him an offer to buy it back.

For those not in the know, is a website that I set up in late 2009 while living in Budapest. It seems strange as I type this to consider that 2009 was over a decade ago now, but I digress.

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Antec P101 Silent Review

A while back I was promised a P101 by Antec, the first review sample I would have received since deciding to blog again. Problem is they never actually sent it, I had a meeting scheduled with their PR guy which was cancelled, and then silence.

I’d already commited to the idea of using it for a home server build, so I’d have to go out and buy it myself… It better be good.

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Review: Deep Cool Matrexx 55 Case

A while back I was in need of a new case for my Unicorn Orgy build. I’d tried cramming all the hardware into a Corsair Carbide Series case but it was all a bit cheap and plain looking.

I took myself off to Nehru Place where I found the excellent Deep Cool Matrexx 55 case for 4000 INR (around £45). Frankly, at that price, this case is an absolute bargain, and a quick look at several online retailers shows that you can expect to pay the same or slightly more depending on where you live.

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Review: Redragon Gainer M610 Mouse

I’ve never bought in to the idea that you need to spend an awful lot of money to get a usable experience with a mouse. Not to say that the uber-expensive offerings from Logitech or Corsair aren’t good products, they just don’t offer the best bang for the buck.

My preference has always been to spend less than £20 on a mouse, something I’ve managed to achieve with room to spare with the Redragon Gainer M610 mouse.

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