My £750 PC Build

Seeing as my main gaming rig is also my video editing PC and it now sits in my workshop, I’m in need of a “basic” gaming PC for the living room. Check out my video build vlog to see what components I chose and how it performs.

Upgrade the Toshiba Portege Z930 Ultrabook

The Portege Z930 can be picked up dirt cheap on auction sites these days. They’ve gotten long enough in the teeth that companies are getting rid, but they’re still workable machines with a couple of tweaks, namely the storage and the RAM. In this video I show you how to upgrade both:

Create a PC Stats Display with Raspberry Pi

If you’re a PC enthusiast you probably like to keep track of your systems stats while you’re working or playing. With games this always meant you had to keep an overlay program running, which can get in the way of, you know, actually gaming. Thankfully it’s shockingly easy to setup a second display to show… Continue reading Create a PC Stats Display with Raspberry Pi

Allow DLNA Devices to Connect to Plex

Newer versions of Plex Media Server do not allow unauthorised devices to connect to the DLNA server by default. This can be particularly annoying for devices like HiFi receivers with network connectivity, which are capable of streaming from DLNA servers but have no native Plex app available. To get around this you can explicitly permit… Continue reading Allow DLNA Devices to Connect to Plex

Two-Group Mentality

The current pandemic has given me an opportunity to take stock of things, an opportunity which was way overdue it seems. For the last couple of years I’ve juggled, not always succesfully, a number of obligations. This has led to a couple of periods of poor mental health, which I’ve been able to get through… Continue reading Two-Group Mentality

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Help Fight COVID-19 with Folding@Home

The current COVID-19 pandemic is a terrible thing. Thankfully brains much larger than yours or mine are working tirelessly to understand the virus better and come up with a solution to the problem. While most of us are sat at home watching Netflix there is an operation under foot to crunch through as muich data… Continue reading Help Fight COVID-19 with Folding@Home