Create A VPN Server With A Raspberry Pi

If you split your time between two or more countries it can be a real hassle to manage your online life. Not only do you run the risk of triggering security processes employed by banks, etc but it can also be a struggle to use things like online streaming services which you’re paying for or… Continue reading Create A VPN Server With A Raspberry Pi

Amazon Shop Pages Live

Quick post to say I’m very pleased to announce that Tech Made Easy now has dedicated Amazon Store pages on both the US and UK portals. Shop Shop

Setup a Raspberry Pi Cloud Server With Nextcloud

A short while back I created my own home server which, among other things, used Nextcloud to act as a private cloud server to hold all my important documents and synchronise them across my devices. It’s working really well, but what if you didn’t want to have a great hulking PC running in your house… Continue reading Setup a Raspberry Pi Cloud Server With Nextcloud

My Ryzen 3900X / 5700XT Build

Never one to be fully satisfied I decided I needed a faster processor in my personal rig, and seeing as I didn’t have £750 to burn on AMDs flagship 3950X I had to set my sights one rung lower and settle for the 3900X.

Old Database Recovery

If you’re a regular reader you may have noticed that a whole bunch of “old” content has appeared on the site recently.

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The Work-Life Balance

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. For most of the last six years my family and I have lived overseas because of my work. In that time an awful lot has changed. I went from newly engaged, to married, to a father. I went from a technican to a manager and a mentor.… Continue reading The Work-Life Balance

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