New features, new products, meet the Synology team!

I reported yesterday on the SynoLocker ransomware that’s currently infecting peoples Synology Diskstations, but I’ve got happier Synology-based news today in the form of an announcement for their latest UK meet and greet session, to be held in London on September 18th.

The event will focus primarily on new Synology products and presentations of the latest and greatest features of their bespoke NAS operating system, DSM.  There’s also a prize draw and an opportunity for networking with like minded people.

Synology 300x250

I’ve attended a few Synology events in the past and they’ve always been a fun day.  Whether you’re checking out the latest hardware on display, catching up with other IT Pros or having a chat with one of Synology’s UK team, it’s a great afternoon.

Sadly, I won’t be able to get to this one, but you can!  Register your interest with Synology and you could find yourself sat in Millibank Tower learning about some of the cool things going on with Synology

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