Keep your accounts safe

Every now and then there’s a highly publicised story about email addresses being stolen from major companies like Adobe or Snapchat.  Usually this is due to those companies being targeted by hackers who’s sole aim is to harvest people’s personal information so that they can sell it on for profit.

Usually when this happens, the company that you gave your email details to will get in touch to let you know exactly just what information has been shared, and what action you should take to ensure your other accounts stay safe.

But, for peace of mind you could always check whether your email addresses have been compromised using


What’s more, if your details have been shared then you’ll get full details of when the breach occurred and exactly what information was obtained by the attackers:


Of course, simply checking whether your account has been compromised won’t do anything to solve the problem.  If your email address (or associated account) has been compromised, then it’s really important to make sure that you change the details for the account concerned.  You should also change details for any accounts that use the same email address and password.

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