Why Your Home WiFi Sucks

WiFi has achieved the status of being pretty much ubiquitous with modern life.  Yet you only have to go back a few years and the majority of devices used in the home still had a wired network connection to transmit and receive data.  Unfortunately the truth about WiFi is that it simply can’t offer the performance, range and reliability of a wired network, and there are plenty of reasons why.  Here are a few of them. Continue reading Why Your Home WiFi Sucks

Popular Website: Then Vs Now

The web has changed a whole bunch since its inception and rise to prominence in the early 90s.  Major companies were usually pretty quick to register their own domains, even if the content of their sites was minuscule compared to today.

Join me as I take a look at some of the most popular websites today, back through time.  Interestingly, some of the websites for major companies like LG and Sky didn’t even belong to the companies they’re associated with now back in the day!

Why Your Commercial VPN Solution Sucks For Streaming Video

A Virtual Private Network is a great tool that was originally developed to allow remote workers to access their employers IT systems as if they were sitting in their office.  The idea is that through some clever trickery your PC actually appears, for all intents and purposes, to be connected to your office network directly even though you could be literally anywhere else in the world. Continue reading Why Your Commercial VPN Solution Sucks For Streaming Video

Why All of The Photos on Your iPhone Don’t Show up on Your PC or Mac

Damn you Apple and your voodoo magic!

So a friend of my wife asked me why the 13,000 or so photos on her iPhone 5S didn’t all show up when she connected her phone to her computer.  In looking into the problem I actually found I suffered from a similar issue; my phone says that I have 505 photos stored but when I connect it to my PC and try and transfer them over only about 35 photos were showing in the Photos app on my Mac.

After a bit of a search online I found some forum posts that described this actual problem and it turns out there are two seperate issues that can cause this. Continue reading Why All of The Photos on Your iPhone Don’t Show up on Your PC or Mac

Review: Maiden Audio ED-PH0N3S Headphones

As a life long Iron Maiden fan I was both intrigued and slightly annoyed when I heard that Onkyo had partnered with the Irons legendary founder and bass player, Steve Harris, to produce a pair of Iron Maiden branded headphones. On the one hand I was sure the result would be great, but at the same time I couldn’t help but think that Steve+co were now simply pandering to music execs and lining their own pockets, after all he’s not the first music personality to cash in on their brand and release music accessories (I’m looking at you, Dr. Dre).

Continue reading Review: Maiden Audio ED-PH0N3S Headphones