Unboxing a Pentium Pro from 1996

Way back when, Intel needed a product that would bridge the gap between high-end server machines and ordinary desktops.

They came up with the Pentium Pro not long after the original Pentium, in 1996. The idea was that its 32-bit performance would excel past what even the Pentium could achieve, and it wasn’t the only trick up its sleeve. The Pentium Pro would be the first commercial CPU to have the cache baked onto the chip rather than being socketed separately on the motherboard.

It was a risky move, and one that didn’t really pay off for Intel. Though, the technology that birthed the Pentium Pro would go on to form the foundation of the much more succesful Pentium II line.

This example was a pure nostalgic purchase for me. I’d been advised that a new processor might cure the ills of my barn find Pentium Pro based system, but as you can see in the video it didn’t quite work out.

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