This Pentium Pro Machine Was Found in a Shed!

Last summer I was bored while my wife and daughter were away visiting family, so I began to look into the Retro PC scene. The problem was that where I am (India) there isn’t really a retro scene and it was very difficult to actually find a marketplace where I might lay my hands on some old tech.

A glimmer of light came from the Indian classified website, and it was there that I found a listing for two old beige PC boxes with matching monitors.

I was given no clue as to the specs or the working condition of either PC, but there was enough to go on to make it worthwhile looking into.

Fast forward 6 months and I’ve managed to get one of the machines working, in a sense, and the other is sat patiently on my shelf awaiting some free time so that I can get it going as well.

I’ve really enjoyed playing around with this older tech, in fact I think it’s something I might spend more time doing in the coming year!

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