Review: Antec PRIZM Matrix

Review: Antec PRIZM Matrix

The PRIZM Matrix from antec is a pretty unique concept. These days pretty much all cases can accept a multitude of fans with the bare minimum on even a small…

AMD Ryzen 3800x / 5700XT Build

I’ve been an AMD fanboi for as long as I can remember. My first PC that I bought with my own hard earned money was an AMD K7 (Athlon) back in 2001.

So I was super excited with the announcement of AMD’s Zen2 and Navi platforms, both running on a 7nm process. So what was I to do? Here’s my 3800X / 5700XT build.

Review: RetroFlag NESPi Raspberry Pi Case

For quite a while now there have been a few different ways to program a Raspberry Pi as a a console emulator for some retro gaming action.  The latest version of the Pi at this point (version 3) is a fantastic basis for emulation, with plenty of USB ports, HDMI out and enough processing power to emulate consoles all the way up to the original Playstation with ease.

The downside has always been that the port layout and overall look of the stock Raspberry Pi case don’t really lend themselves to the task, but thankfully the good folks at Retroflag have taken care of both of these issues with their NesPi Raspberry Pi case.