My Ryzen 3900X / 5700XT Build

Never one to be fully satisfied I decided I needed a faster processor in my personal rig, and seeing as I didn’t have £750 to burn on AMDs flagship 3950X I had to set my sights one rung lower and settle for the 3900X.

Review: TVS-e Gold Bharat Keyboard

Living in India has its perks. Sure it’s hot, it’s often smelly, the airs polluted and there’s people everywhere. But, there is a huge amount of manufacturing here and prices are often based on what people can afford, not what companies want you to pay.

Ultimate Home Server Part 1 – Hardware

Many modern homes could benefit from having some sort of personal server to house files and run things like a media server, private cloud, IP CCTV or download server. For a long time I would have suggested using a pre-built NAS system from the likes of Synology. I reviewed an awful lot of their devices… Continue reading Ultimate Home Server Part 1 – Hardware


Faster than Wireless-N, but disappointing range Since moving in to our new place, we’ve really struggled to get a decent WiFi signal to all corners of the apartment.  It’s a little bit larger than our last place, but the construction is concrete/steel rather than the brick and stud-wall construction, which is relatively easy to get… Continue reading REVIEW: D-LINK DIR-868L WIRELESS AC ROUTER