Review: TVS-e Gold Bharat Keyboard

Living in India has its perks. Sure it’s hot, it’s often smelly, the airs polluted and there’s people everywhere.

But, there is a huge amount of manufacturing here and prices are often based on what people can afford, not what companies want you to pay.

So it’s not unusual to stumble across something like the TVS-e Gold keyboard, a modern clone of the IBM Model M keyboard from the 1980’s.

On the face of it the TVS-e Gold is incredibly cheap feeling, but it’s actually surprisingly solid when compared to more modern designs.

Sure it doesn’t have any RGB, a built in wrist rest, a braided cord or any other modern features, but it does have a fantastic typing action.

That’s very much by design. The TVS-e Gold is a true mechanical keyboard. Each key has a discrete mechanical switch underneath which registers key presses. Most keyboards aren’t made this way anymore, it’s expensive and there are easier ways to manufacture a keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards, though, have a certain feel to them which users will swear by. The way the keys travel and the distinct feeling when they bottom out is unlike any other type of keyboard, it truly is something to behold.

This is my first mechanical keyboard in many, many years and I must say I’m enjoying it very much. Even though the TVS-e doesn’t use true Cherry keys (they’re Chinese manufactured clones) it’s an incredibly familar sensation and one I didn’t realise I missed until I started using this keyboard.

Even though it looks terrible the TVS-e Gold is agreat keyboard for those who type for more than a few hours a day and don’t want RSI.

I’ve now got the TVS-e Gold attached to my main PC for when I need to type for long periods. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the aesthetics of my modern Corsair board, but the usability of this keyboard is simply second to none and I can’t see myself switching back.

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