My £750 PC Build

Seeing as my main gaming rig is also my video editing PC and it now sits in my workshop, I’m in need of a “basic” gaming PC for the living room. Check out my video build vlog to see what components I chose and how it performs.

Create a PC Stats Display with Raspberry Pi

If you’re a PC enthusiast you probably like to keep track of your systems stats while you’re working or playing. With games this always meant you had to keep an overlay program running, which can get in the way of, you know, actually gaming. Thankfully it’s shockingly easy to setup a second display to show… Continue reading Create a PC Stats Display with Raspberry Pi

My Ryzen 3900X / 5700XT Build

Never one to be fully satisfied I decided I needed a faster processor in my personal rig, and seeing as I didn’t have £750 to burn on AMDs flagship 3950X I had to set my sights one rung lower and settle for the 3900X.

RGB Build – Unicorn Orgy

I recently upgraded my main PC and fell into the wonderful trap of adding just a few RGB elements. By the time I was finished it ended up looking like a unicorn orgy – hence the name of the build.