Neato BotVac available end of May

It’s been a few years since I owned a robot vacuum cleaner.  At the time it was a perfect tool for me; I was rarely home and it made sure that when I was the floor was nice and clear.  Except for that time it got caught on lamps power cable and pulled it over.

Thankfully technology seems to have moved on, and modern vacuuming robots are much less likely to destroy your furnishings.

The latest models on the market come from Neato Robotics, with the aptly names Neato BotVac range.

From an initial look on their website, I’d say that their range has a couple of useful improvements over other robots on the market.  For one, the front of the BotVac models is flat, rather than round, which should assist it in getting in to corners.

Compressed Neato-Botvac_75_green-boy2

The models also feature an edge-to-edge brush which should mean that the robot can clean more floor in less passes.  Neato Robotics also promise that this is the most intelligent vacuuming robot to date, with an intelligent room scanning system that maps out your room and tackles it in straight lines from one side to the other, rather than the somewhat random approach that other vacuums use.

It’ll even find its own way back to its charger and then pick up right where it left off once finished charging.

It all sounds very promising to me.  Still, I’ve learned my lesson, and I’ll be sticking to a manual vacuum for now.

The BotVac range will be available from the end of May from major electrical retailers and Amazon.  Prices start at £379.99 for the BotVac 70e, and rise through the range to the top of the line BotVac 85, priced at £449.99

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