Thumbs Up! to release iCrayon capacitive stylus

Get better accuracy while reliving primary school!

Gadget and gizmo innovators Thumbs Up! have announced a quirky looking stylus for mobile devices that use capacitive screens.

The iCrayon is designed to be used with devices such as the iPad to give you a little helping hand when doodling.  Fingers have proved to be less than ideal tools to sketch a masterpiece on your mobile device, and capacitive styli remain the only real alternative if you want to get any kind of accuracy.

There are tons of apps out there that require you to use your pointer to draw something, but it seems that millions of years of evolution leaves us wanting when faced with doodling on a piece of glass.

Wojtek Kolan, Head of Business Development at thumbsUp! had the following to say:

“Experiencing the growing obsession with Draw Something, we started to get competitive with our own limited artistic skills by using the iCrayon: for the most imaginative of sketches, sometimes the humble index finger just doesn’t cut it. The iCrayon offers users a bit of precision with their iPad or iPhone – great for ‘touch typing’ or any kind of drawing program – while making them feel satisfyingly old-school.”

The iCrayon is available in three colours; red, green and black, and will be available from UK stockists around the end of the month.  RRP: £7.99.

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