Review: Wondershare DVD Creator for Windows

Simple to use package for creating your own DVDs.

The more computer savvy amongst us are probably more likely to upload a video to YouTube or Facebook rather than burn it to a DVD.  But if you want to share some of your home made videos with less tech-savvy friends and family then it’s still a great way to do it.

You can also play your DVD on any TV with a DVD player attached, which means you can enjoy your home movie without having to huddle around your PC or laptop.

Thankfully, Wondershare have come up with a great piece of software for creating your own DVDs that are as individual as you are.

DVD Creator does pretty much as the name says.  It allows you to create DVD’s with properly structured menus which contain all of the videos that you want to be able to watch on your TV or share with friends and family.  All you need is a Windows PC with a DVD burner, and a writeable DVD disk.

It’s an incredibly simple process, anyone with a basic understanding of video editing will be able to fly through the process.  But don’t just take my word for it, check out the video below.

It really is that simple, within a matter of minutes you can create a DVD using any one of the multiple templates that are included with the software.  Not only that, but all of them are heavily customisable to allow you to change soundtracks, text, backgrounds and menu options.

The sign of any good program is how easy it is to use, and Wondershare DVD Creator couldn’t be much simpler.  That being said, once you’ve played around with it for a few minutes you gain a much better understanding of how you can tweak things to be exactly how you like.

Don’t like the colour of the text?  Change it.  Would that menu option look better at the bottom?  It’s drag and drop.  Want to change the order of the videos on the DVD?  Just use the content manager in the left pane.  It really is that simple.

Once you’ve come up with something you think will look good, simply click the preview tab to see how it will turn out.  The previewer also contains virtual buttons to allow you to navigate through menus so that you can check everything runs as you’d like.

We love DVD Creator for its ease of use and great set of customisable templates.  It’s also pretty good value for money, coming in at £26.50.

It also supports a multitude of different video file types, including:


HD: MTS, M2TS(AVCHD H.264), TS(MPEG-2), HD MKV(H.264, MPEG-2 HD), HD WMV(VC-1), HD MOV(H.264, MPEG-4)

There’s also a Mac version available, and while the list of functions is more or less the same, Mac users may want to consider that iDVD covers much the same functionality (only with annoying Apple logos on all the menus).

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