This was a triumph…

I’ve got a bit of a habit of being a bit too impulsive for my own good at times.  I once bought a new car while my current one was being serviced, I started Tech Made Easy while bored one night in Budapest, and me and the missus are off to Nigeria to live from February next year.

But this one tops it all.  Last Monday I popped into the new tattoo parlor in my village and showed them a picture of a Turret from Portal 2; “I want this on my side, about that size”.

Portal Turret Tattoo
My Portal Turret Tattoo – Click for bigger

Now, there’s two things I should have realised here.  First off, I’d just handed the artist an A4 sheet of paper, and the Turret filled the whole page.  Second, something that big and complex was going to take a while to draw.

In the end it took over four hours to complete, but to my mind the results are amazing.  The picture above doesn’t really do it justice, the placement and quality of the work really make it look three dimensional.

Not sure what a Portal Turret is?  Neither was the tattooist, so I showed them this:

The tattoo was completed by Cosmin at Brook Street Ink in Raunds, Northamptonshire.

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