Open world to the extreme.

Like most people, I was expecting something amazing from Rockstar when it comes to GTA5.  After all, it’s already been delayed from the Spring until September because Rockstar wanted to make sure that it was the best game they could produce.

If the gameplay trailer that they’ve released is anything to go by, we won’t be disappointed:

First things first, the graphics looks amazing.  The world looks much clearer and much more refined than in GTA4 (remember when we thought THAT was awesome?).

Second, I was not expecting to be able to play three different charecters.  Maybe I’m behind the times but it hit me as a pleasant surprise.

What’s more, I just can’t get over the scale of what’s possible in this game.  I was expecting to be able to fly planes and helicopters, but scuba diving?  Awesome.

I’m still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor as I type this.  As soon as I manage it I’ll be heading in to town to pre-order my copy.

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