Thumbs Up! Release un-tangle-up-able earphones

Zip up your earbuds.

Weird and wonderful gadget pioneers Thumbs Up! have today announced one of those products that you just look at and nod in an understanding fashion.

The Zip Earphones operate in the same way as countless other earphone sets, but in this case the lead has been combined with the high tech sorcery of a zip!

These phones can be yours in either neon orange, pink or black.  The zip can be positioned anywhere along the lead, meaning you can adjust it to suit your needs and comfort.

When it comes to storing the headphones you can pull the zip all the way up to the buds, allowing you to quickly and easily store the earphones without risk of tangling them up.

All three colours will be available “From November” at an RRP of £12.99 from Menkind and I Want One Of Those

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