D-Link release Pocket Cloud Companion Router

Wireless networking on the go

Today D-Link have announced the DIR-506L, a pocketable wireless router that allows you to quickly set up your own private WiFi network wherever you may be.

Nicknamed the “Pocket Cloud Companion” the DIR-506L offers users the ability to work together on the same network and even use the same files by connecting a USB memory stick to the port on the side of the unit.

The 506L can be connected to an existing wired network or modem connection in order to provide Internet connectivity wirelessly.  It can also be used as a repeated for existing WiFi networks in order to provide better coverage to grey areas.  It’s only wireless G though, so forget about transferring large files at any sort of reasonable speed.

The built in battery is good for 4 hours of use, and the device can also be used to charge other portable devices using the USB port (up to 4W).

D-Link have also released mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android which will allow users to view files stored on a memory stick connected to the device.  File support will likely be restricted to those files natively supported by your mobile device.

The D-Link DIR-506L is available from today, with an RRP of £64.99

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