ADATA release ridiculously tiny USB sticks

I might actually swallow this thing

There’s been a gradual slide towards producing smaller and smaller USB memory sticks for quite a while now, but I’ve never seen one as small as ADATA claim to now be producing in 8, 16 and 32GB variants.

Ok, so the picture above shows computer renderings rather than a finished product, but I doubt ADATA would lie to me about this.

That being said, it is pretty unbelievable, so I run the risk of an “AHHH, GOTCHA!” email from them tomorrow, but it still looks pretty darn cool.

The only downside that I can see is where do you put the thing?  There’s no loop for a lanyard, nor can it be clipped onto a belt.

I’d live in constant fear of losing the thing.

ADATA had the following to say:

“The UD310 is manufactured through a special chip-on-board (COB) process, resulting in high water and impact resistance for the drive. A sparkling jewel-like faceted end-cap highlights the ultra-small and extremely portable design that takes up no space when used in a laptop or desktop. It allows for the unrestricted sharing of pictures, music and videos, making the UD310 an ideal accessory for Ultrabook computers and many slim and sophisticated electronic devices.”

If it is real, and I hope it is, then we should be able to pick one up here in Blighty relatively soon, priced as below:

  • 8GB: £6.99
  • 16GB: £12.99
  • 32GB: £24.99

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