Upgrade RAM in your Mac Mini

5 minute job when you know how

Apple have gained quite a reputation for not allowing users to upgrade their machines.  One exception to this has always been the RAM, and the 2011 Mac Mini is no exception.

It’s a five minute job to increase the amount of RAM in your machine, and here’s how you do it.

1)  First things first, you need to check what type of RAM is suitable for your machine.  If it’s a 2011 model it should be DDR3 RAM running at 1333MHz.  You can chuck up to 16GB into the latest Mac Mini, but frankly anything over 8GB is going to be overkill.

2) If you’re not sure which RAM to use, Crucial have an excellent automatic memory checker which will scan your system and provide links to suitable items in their online store.

3) Once you’ve got your RAM, it’s time to upgrade.  First step is to unplug all cables from your Mac Mini

4) Now turn your Mac Mini over, you should notice two little markings on the bottom:

When the white dot on the black bezel lines up with the black dot on the silver frame then the bottom is locked on.

5) Put one finger from either hand into the indentations in the black part and turn it anti-clockwise, the black bezel should turn so that the white dot lines up with the silver dot, as below.

6)  The black bezel should now lift off, revealing the inner workings of the Mac Mini.  The RAM slots are on the left hand side as shown here:

7) To remove the existing chips it’s a case of gently pulling on the retention latches on each side of the chips.  When the latches are pulled away from the memory chip the chip should spring upwards and can then be pulled out of the slot.

8) Carefully remove the old chips by holding onto the edges of the board and pulling away from the socket.

9) Now line up the new chips with the slot and go through the process in reverse.  When you push down on the chips the locking clips should click into place and the chips will then be properly seated.

10) Replace the cover and twist clockwise so that the dots line up correctly.

11) When you power up your Mac, click on the system menu and then “About This Mac” in order to confirm that the correct amount of RAM is recognised.


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