Looking Back: Website Count for May 2015

In the real world, space is at a premium. In the digital world, does the same rule apply? Join us as we look back at some thoughtful reveries we’ve had from quite a bit ago. Tech Made Easy has quite a history on it.

Back around three years ago when we were all just pooling our resources and thoughts together, we started thinking about websites. Specifically, the number at any given month—is it going up? Is it going down? That was something we wanted to find out. At that point in time, the internet boom was fairly steady.

More and more people were starting to realize that websites were relatively easy to set up and didn’t really cost much to maintain. It was only natural more and more people flock toward being online. So, if you really wanted to come up with a solid number of how many websites existed in a particular month in a year, where do you go?

The answer: Netcraft

This website has kept quite an impressive record of the number of registered domain and how many of those are actually active. This is an important distinction as there are those that tend to create websites and promptly abandon it after a few months.So according to Netcraft’s findings, the month of May in years 2015 had over 858 million registered sites but only had 177 active ones.

Since the boom of the dot-com industry, more and more businesses tried their hand at building an online presence and ended prematurely halting it.

It seems that, at the time, they have not quite realized the power they held in their hands. Most of them were mostly developing their Facebook pages rather than developing a specialized website to represent them. Chances are a large amount of them wanted to create a website, decided it was too hard or too technical, and decided to just go with social media sites. That, in itself, is a waste. While having social media presence is good, having a carefully curated and suitably built website for your business is better.

A website has a greater chance of giving a better impression. Business owners can dictate what goes into their page, not like Facebook where everyone has pretty much the same features. It pays to stand out—especially in something that represents your business.

What’s great about the state of the internet now is that there are a lot of user-friendly make your own webpage services. A lot of it has a sort of drag and drop build to it—something that is really ideal for those who have not the slightest clue on how to build their own site. What we particularly think is interesting about this trend is that more and more people are now realizing the benefits of having their own site.

We truly hope that the trend continues and we’re also looking forward to the newest stats that Netcraft will capture. Seeing the growth of information and activity is always a sight to behold after all.


infographic1 - Looking Back: Website Count for May 2015

Infographic by: www.infographicjournal.com


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