Whatever you want on your portable device

Mobile device cases are a dime a dozen, there are quite literally thousands of different designs available for pretty much any device you can think of, even more if you own a popular device like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

I’ve never really been one to think about how my phone is clothed, but I was recently contacted by and informed of their line of personalised cases.


Put simply, Wrappz website allows you to add any digital photo to a case for your specific device.  There’s a whole bunch of different devices supported including pretty much every Apple device, Samsung mobiles, Blackberrys and HTC.

Your model not listed?  you can also order a set size vinyl sticker with your photo on, and simply stick it to your mobile, tablet or laptop.

The design process itself is pretty straightforward, simply select your model of device, upload the photo and then crop and move it to give you the perfect accessory.  In terms of the actual end result, I’m personally quite impressed.

2014-02-09 15.37.25

Above is a case that I designed and ordered for a family members iPhone 4.

Colours are well represented, and the case has a high gloss finish to it which gives it the look of a premium product.  There’s also next to no stretching around the edges, and the overall feel of the case is as good as any sub-£20 case that I’ve seen.

The idea of creating a case with a photo immediately makes me think that this is a great gift idea, and for £18.97 who could argue?

But that’s not all!  In their good grace, Wrappz are offering an exclusive offer to Tech Made Easy readers:  Order a vinyl skin using the voucher code “freeskin” and you’ll get your skin for free*, you just pay for the postage!

*Value up to £7.99, some skin products cost more than this.

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