Maybe do your bit for charity as well

I’ll admit to never having heard of StackSocial until two days ago when I read about them on another news site.  Essentially, the site itself looks to help buyers get a great deal on tech products and software by bundling up packages from various manufacturers and software houses.

As an example, they’re currently running a deal which would see you walking away with over $600  worth of Mac software for only $29.


Some of the bundles offer even more of an incentive by allowing you to set your own price for the bundle.  Providing your bid is above the average price you’ll receive every item in the bundle.  The average is published at all times, allowing you to overbid by only a few cents and grab loads of software for a stitch.

The last such occasion saw me walk away with over $400 of software for $10.50.  What’s even better is that 10% of the takings from that deal went to charity, with the system letting you pick your preferred charity from a short list.

Software bundle downloads and licenses are provided from the StackSocial interface, making downloading and installing the software a piece of cake.  I had ten products from my last bundle installed and activated within the hour.

Whether you buy the bundles purely for personal gain, or for philanthropic purposes, it’s a great deal for everyone, so be sure to check it out.

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