High output charging for all the family

My girlfriend and I are locked in a constant battle for control of the USB chargers in our household.  Between us we’ve got an iPhone, two Nexus 7 Tablets, a Nexus 4, three Raspberry Pi’s and an Android TV stick, all running off of various 2 AMP USB power supplies.

It seems we’re not alone in this prediciment, given that the Skiva Octofire has met it’s funding requirement on Kickstarter with 24 days left to go.

I’m not sure if I like the design, I might prefer to have all of the USB ports facing the same way, but the idea itself is great.

Skiva promise that the Octofire will charge 8 high power devices simultaniously, including Apple devices, Android devices and others.

Features from Kickstarter:

Safety: Safety is the first and most important requirement of our design. Our AC/DC adapter is UL, CE, FCC and RoHS Certified to give you peace of mind. (It has everything: overcharge, over-voltage, overheat & short circuit protection.)

Ultra Fast Charging: It charges 8 USB devices (simultaneously) each at up to 2.1A / 5V power.

Smart Detection: Intelligently detects your device and provides optimal charging as per the device.

Design: An elegant design to fit any small corner or even under your computer table, making sure none of your devices run out of battery when you need them.

Sleek: The sleek Octagonal shape makes the device look impressive and the high end black polycarbonate ABS material used for it makes it durable and efficient.

Ease: Worry free operation. Plug and rest is taken care of by Octofire.

Economical: We made sure that it is a affordable and does not break your bank.

Compact: It is a great companion on your trips when you need a fast and speedy charger to make sure all your devices are running all the time.

Efficiency: Highly efficient Octofire will waste very little energy and will still everything like smartphones, tablets, GPS, Bluetooth headset or any other popular electronics that are powered from USB port.

International Compatibility: Octofire takes 100-240VAC 47-63Hz power input. That makes it work in all countries. Note that it will be shipped with US style plug. So if you are outside US you may need to have an AC pin adapter from US pins to your local AC pins.

Warranty: Octofire Turbo comes with a 1 year Replacement.

I’ve already pledged $75 to have my own Octofire shipped to me here in the UK.  That works out at just less than £46, more than worth it in my book.

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