No more changing cables

If you’ve got a few different gadgets laying around then the chances are your desk is sometimes a mess of USB leads for all your different devices.  I know that on any given day you’ll find at least one each of micro-USB, Apple dock and Apple Lightning leads sat on my desk.

The problem is, these devices all need charging, but most people don’t have the space to connect multiple chargers up at the same time.  Enter this nifty little cable from


Here we’ve got a micro-USB connector along with an old-style Apple dock connector and the new Lightening type connector.  It’s a cool little device that allows you to charge multiple devices without having to worry about swapping out USB leads.

I found it to work brilliantly when connected to a powered USB hub that I have sat on my desk, it’s just so convenient to know there’s a connector ready and waiting to power your device.

That being said, it does have a couple of drawbacks.  For one, the cable length is quite short, so if you’re connecting to a USB wall charger that’s more than 3-4 inches from the floor or a worktop, you’re going to have devices dangling in the air.  It’s also worth pointing out that a standard PC USB port will only output 500mA, which would only trickle charge three devices when connected at the same time.  Even connected to a more powerful wall charger will give results worse than usual if you connect more than one device at a time.

This version is also incapable of acting as a data cable for your devices (only the power pins are connected in the USB connector) so you’d still need to bust out a standard lead if you needed to sync your devices.


That being said, it’s still an awesome tool if you’re looking to charge multiple items at the same time without having your desk cluttered up with cables.  I, for one, am left wondering how I got by for so long with three USB chargers in use at any one time.

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