Installing Software the easy way – with Ninite

All your software installed in a near-instant

One of the most annoying and time consuming parts of building up a new PC or reinstalling Windows is adding the large array of software and applications that you use on a daily basis. It can take some time to notice that particular video codec or browser plugin is missing and there is also the frustration when you realise you forgot to un-tick the option to download and install the tool bar that comes with it.

There is a solution that can help towards this problem and it comes in the form of

Ninite is a web application whereby you are given a choice of popular software to install by clicking the various tick boxes.


Once you have made your selection it is then a simple case of scrolling down to the bottom and clicking the Get Installer button.


A custom installer file is then created for you and downloaded to you PC.

You then run this installer and all of the applications you have selected are then silently installed on your computer without any Next, Next, Finish buttons. The installer also ignores any tool bar options so you just get the applications that you ask for and no rubbish bundled with them.


So that sounds pretty easy right? Well … there is more, the installer that you downloaded doesn’t actually contain the programs themselves which means that every time you run the installer it goes out to the internet and finds the latest version of the software selection. This is great for future upgrades or people who are not building a new PC. If you have some of the software manually installed already it will take note of the version you have and upgrade it to the latest version for you.

Overall, Ninite is an excellent tool for any user who gets annoyed with having to install software. It saves a lot of time for system builders like myself and I highly recommend. So what are you waiting for? Get downloading…

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