New Nokia handset has dedicated Facebook button

One click access to everyone’s favorite waste of time

Mobile phone pimp daddies Nokia have today announced the first handset ever to feature a built in Facebook button.

The Asha 205 has its very own physical F button on the keypad, designed to allow users one touch access to Facebook’s features.

Pressing the Facebook button on the Asha will open up the “Facebook for Every Phone” app which allows instant messages between Facebook users.

Of course, Asha owners will also be able to use other popular Facebook features using the web browser and Nokia apps.

Javier Olivan, head of growth, engagement and mobile for Facebook, had the following to say:

“People around the world use Facebook Mobile to connect and share with their friends… …We are focused on delivering the best Facebook experience to as many people as possible and our partnership with Nokia perfectly complements our strategy of giving people around the world a rich Facebook experience for keeping in touch with their friends.”

We can’t help but think that a fully fledged Facebook app, accessed via the button, would have been more useful, but who are we to complain.

The Asha 205 is also a dual SIM phone, allowing frequent travellers or business users to get the best value for money and the best work/home balance.  We would have led with that, Nokia.

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