ROCCAT release new Savu gaming mouse

World first 4000dpi sensor and customizable lighting top of the list of features.

You might think that a gaming mouse is a bit of a con.  I mean, how much difference can it really make, right?

Turns out quite a lot.  We’re avid gamers at TME HQ, and one of the few things we do agree on is that you need a high quality mouse for serious gaming.  Is ROCCATs Savu the answer?

ROCCAT are pretty high on each of our lists when it comes to gaming hardware, so we’re happy to hear about the Savu gaming mouse.

Here’s the spiel from ROCCAT:

The Savu offers a combination of unprecedented true 4000 DPI optical sensor horsepower, world famous Easy-Shift[+]™ technology allowing for advanced button configuration, and a customizable lighting system delivering 16.8 million colors. What’s more, it’s the world’s first mouse to feature a stats and trophy system – called the ROCCAT™ Achievements Display, or R.A.D. – something previously known in similar form only in online gaming. Designed specifically for fans of mid-size gaming mice, the Savu also pampers the hands with an ergonomic right-hand thumb rest and soft-touch surface.

What that equates to is a very slick design, customisable lighting (to match the rest of your rig) and flawless performance, as you’d expect from ROCCAT.

ROCCAT are hailing this as the first mouse in the world to feature a 4000dpi sensor, and while we can’t be bothered to check if they’re telling the truth, we don’t think they’d lie to us either.

Quite how all this will stack up remains to be seen, we’ve asked them for a review sample.

Here’s hoping we get one, if not, they’re available from multiple online retailers, priced at around €59.99

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