Q&A: Where can I get a case for my Raspberry Pi?

My slice of Pi finally turned up, where can I get a case?

First of all; congratulations on receiving your Raspberry Pi!

One of the main drawbacks of the Pi is that it doesn’t come with any sort of case.

One option is to build your own case, but seeing as the Raspberry Pi doesn’t have any mounting holes, it might be a bit more effort than you’re looking for.

If you don’t want to venture into making your own case then there a few options available to you:

SK Pang Electronics

SK Pang cases can be bought from a number of online sources, including Amazon (see right).

They’re essentially an acrylic base plate made in the style of the Raspberry Pi logo, with some nylon stand-offs and a second clear acrylic sheet.

It’s a little flashy for our tastes, and it doesn’t have any side panels, but it might be what you’re looking for.

It’s also available with a square base plate, which includes a breadboard for in case you want to use your Pi for development work.

ModMyPi Cases

We prefer these ones to the cases above, mostly because they’re designed to completely enclose the Pi, while still allowing you to use all the ports.

It’s also made of solid acrylic rather than the transparent version above, which we prefer.  There’s also five colours to choose from, or you can mix and match the two halves with different colours, we make that 30 different combinations.

The downside:  It’s not available yet.  You can pre-order one from the ModMyPi website, but there’s no word on when exactly you’ll receive one.

Pi CASE 1.0RC1

This ones from a US based website, and again it’s not yet shipping.

But, it’s certainly one of the prettier cases available.  It also includes the Raspberry Pi logo on the top as well as guide holes for the LED’s on board the Pi.

It also includes mounting holes on the bottom half of the case, so you can mount it on a wall or shelf (or possibly on the back of your TV, we’ve not checked the hole spacings).

No other case offers better material options either.  There’s basic white and black plastics, red, purple and frosted acrylics, with or without detailing.

It’s also the most expensive case that we’ve looked at, priced at ¢35.09 for the basic white model.

Punnet Case

This one’s a little different.

For one, you make it yourself…. out of card.

Simply print out the PDF and print it out on an ordinary sheet of A4 card.  If your printer won’t print on to card, then print it our on an ordinary sheet of paper and then trace it onto a piece of card.

You’ll also need a glue stick or some other form of adhesive to stick the flaps to the sides.

Cutting out the holes for the ports can be a little tricky, but those with a craft knife (or a decent pair of scissors) won’t have any problems.

Credit for the Punnet Case goes to “E” on the Raspberry Pi forums.

To download the PDF, just click on the image below.



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