Q&A What’s the best smartphone available?

I’m considering the Apple iPhone 4s, the Samsung Galaxy SII and the Samsung Google Nexus

All three of those handsets are pretty great.

Even the Galaxy SII, which has been superseded by the SIII, still packs a punch.

The answer really depends on whether your already own any Android or iOS devices, and also whether you’re going to be buying the phone out-right or as part of a contract.

I’ll assume that you’re buying it out-right, in which case the iPhone 4S currently stands at £499 for the 16GB model, and the Samsung SII at around £350.

Of the phones you mentioned, I’d focus on the two of these.  It’s nothing against the Google Nexus, it’s just that the Galaxy SII is probably the better phone of the two.

Obviously the SII is a cheaper phone, and it pretty much holds its weight with the iPhone 4S when it comes to performance.  The iPhone does feature Siri, and has the retina screen.

But, the SII has an expandable memory – up to 32GB with MicroSD cards, so you get twice the storage of the entry level iPhone for less money.

In reality though, it just comes down to personal preference.  If you already own an iOS device, you’ll probably be more at home with the iPhone 4S.  Likewise, if you already own an Android device, then the SII is probably the phone for you.

If you have no experience of either, then I would go for the Samsung Galaxy SII.  That’s not me showing preference to Android – I’m an iOS guy.  But that’s because they got me early on, and I’m now simply too invested in Apple’s walled garden to be able to jump ship to Android.


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