Sony to release All-In-One HiFi system

Jack of all trades system coming in June.

All-In-One systems are a dime-a-dozen these days, with most consumer brands offering HiFi’s which feature DAB radio, USB ports, iPod connectivity and even Bluetooth.

Sony’s latest system, the brilliantly named CMT-V75BTiP has all these features in one little box, and chucks in a CD player to boot.

The CMT-V75BTiP (you know what, let’s just call it “the system”) features:

  • A built in DAB, DAB+ radio
  • A built in iPod/iPhone/iPad dock
  • A CD player
  • Bluetooth music streaming from a phone or tablet device.
  • Magnetic Fluid speakers delivering crystal-clear sound.

We’re not quite sure what that last bit means, but it sounds good so hopefully so does the system.

Matt Coupe, Audio Product Manager at Sony UK had the following to say:

“With the CMT-V75BTiP Hi-Fi systems, we’ve paired iconic design with exceptional audio quality,”

“This Hi-Fi system not only offers exceptional depth and clarity of sound, it’s also an elegant, beautiful object in its own right. And with a range of intelligent features built in – for example, very few rival systems feature a dock that is iPad compatible – it’s the perfect blend of style and substance, form and function.”

Mr. Coupe is right on one thing, you’d be hard pressed to find a speaker system that will house an iPad as well as the smaller Apple devices.  Whether or not that’s a big enough selling point, we’ll leave to you.

The CMT-V75BTiP system will be available from June 2012, no pricing is available at this time.

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