In the grand scheme of things, you don’t have it that bad.

Most hard drive production for the entire world occurs in Thailand, and unfortunately Thailand has been subject to a great deal of flooding over the last few weeks.

Three months of rain has caused widespread flooding throughout most of the province including the capital, Bangkok.  Unfortunately this has led to much bigger problems than the cost of hard disks; over 500 people are known to have died with tens of thousands being rendered homeless also.

As a result of the floods most hard disk plants have been forced to close which means that no new disks are being produced for the time being.  This has a knock on affect for stocks of hard disks worldwide which means that prices have suddenly risen.

Prices are likely to remain high for as long as there are supply shortages, with prices not likely to drop until sometime after production begins again in Thailand.

Far more devastating than the cost of hard disks is the loss of jobs, homes and even lives of the people of Thailand.  Spare a thought for them rather than complaining about the costs of hard disks.


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