Save time and keystrokes on common phrases.

One of the little talked about features of iOS 5 is the ability to put together a list of keyboard shortcuts which will help you type out common information quickly in text messages, emails and other communications.

As an example, you could setup a shortcut to display your phone number when you use the string “phn”, or to display your email address whenever you type “eml”.

By default, there’s only one shortcut setup:

“omw” will turn into “On my way!” when typed out using the phones touchscreen.

But to add your own shortcuts is quite simple as well, just tap the “Add New Shortcut…” button.  You’ll see the following:

Next you can type any phrase you want into the top field, and then any shortcut you’d like below.  Whenever you type the shortcut, the phrase will appear instead (once you hit the space key, otherwise it would get messy).

Here’s a list of shortcuts you might want to consider using:

That’s just a few ideas, you can do whatever you want really.  My only advice would be to not use actual words for your shortcuts, otherwise you might end up disclosing more information than you intended!


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