Easy when you know how.

XBMC does a fantastic job of organising your media library.  Set up correctly, it can look at the file names of your movies and TV shows and then collect a whole load of information from the Internet regarding your media collection.

It’s an impressive system, but sometimes XBMC can get it wrong, and when this happens you end up with either the wrong information or no information at all.

I’ll get on to how to correct incorrect information in a second, but first some tips on how to ensure that the correct information is retrieved:

1)  Always make sure that there are no spelling mistakes in your file names.  Spelling mistakes will make it a nightmare for XBMC to find any information for your movie or TV show.

2)  If a movie has a common name (like “Dracula”), make sure to include the year it was made in the filename.  This will help your chances of making sure XBMC grabs the information for the right movie.

3)  For TV shows, always put multiple episodes of the same show in a folder, and name the folder after the show.  XBMC will use the folder name to try and establish what the TV show is.

4)  For each individual TV show episode, start the file name with a season and episode prefix such as “S01E02″ where Sxx indicates the series number and Exx indicates the episode number.

Correcting information

Sometimes, no matter what you do, XBMC will get it wrong.  When this happens, do the following:

1)  Right click the incorrect entry and select “Movie / TV Show Information”

2)  Click “Refresh”

3)  A list of possible titles will be brought up, select the one that matches your film or TV show.

4)  The relevant information will be downloaded and your entry will now be correct.

5)  If you wish you can also click on the “Get Thumb” and “Get Fanart” buttons and select from additional artworks that are present online.

Repeat this for every incorrect entry.  If you cannot find an entry, try manually looking for the movie online, change the file name to match any movies you find, and trying again.

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