Etón produce iPhone 4S solar charger case

Extend your iPhone’s talktime with free solar energy

Mobile accessory maker Etón have produced an environmentally conscious case for the iPhone 4S.

The Etón Mobius combines a sleek plastic case with an in-built battery pack and solar charging panel.

Combined, that gives you a case that will protect your phone, extend its battery life and charge it should you leave it out on your desk.

According to the manufacturer, one hour of exposure to sunlight is all it takes to give you 25 minutes of talk time, or several hours of standby time it can be assumed.

If it’s looking a bit gloomy out, or if you’re stuck in the office all day, the 1800mAh battery can be charged via a micro-USB link to your PC or laptop.

Users are free to decide when to use the extra power, the Mobius can be turned on and off via a standby switch on the unit.


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