Thumbs Up! Release iPhone case / Bottle opener

An obvious mish mash of technologies.

UK gadget guru’s Thumbs Up! are today releasing a rather original (yeah, lets go with original) case for your iPhone 4.

The Bottle Opener Case does it exactly as the name implies; protecting your iPhone while allowing you to open up bottled beverages at your discretion.

What will they think of next?

Thumbs Up! had the following to say:

“This stylish, convenient form-fitting iPhone 4 case not only protects your mobile from bumps and scratches, but also features an integrated stainless steel bottle opener, so popping open a cold one or three has never been easier. Plus, because the ribbed inner design ensures that pressure is kept away from your handset, there is no need to worry about causing damage to your beloved iPhone.”

“The high quality case also comes with a free iPhone app that counts the beers you crack open, displays images from your library and plays songs/sounds of your choice every time you use the bottle opener. There are even a selection of customised tracks like ‘5 O’Clock Somewhere’, the ‘Funky Monkey’ and ‘Annoying Mother-in-Law’ which adds to the fun.”

The Bottle Opener Case is available now from, priced at £24.99.

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