Ultimate Home Server Part 8 – VPN Server

So by now our home server is sharing files to our home network, acting as a media server via Plex, it’s managing all our downloads AND we’re sharing our personal doucments on our own personal cloud. What else is there? Well, we’re about to set our server up to act as a VPN node, so […]

Ultimate Home Server Part 6 – Download Server

We’re now firmly in the realms of having a really usable server. It’s storing our data with redundancy, it’s accessible from other devices on our network and it’s serving up media to our connected devices. But we can do more, in this part I’ll show you how to set up your server to act as […]

Ultimate Home Server Part 5 – Media Server

Now that we have our server setup and we actually have some media installed on it following the steps in Part 4, we now need a way to serve up that media to devices on our network. Fortunately there’s an extremely popular application for doing just that; Plex. Plex is designed to catalogue your media […]

Ultimate Home Server Part 3 – RAID Arrays

Setting up a RAID array is an important step in setting up any home server. Doing so will ensure that your data is protected if one (or more, in some circumstances) of your hard disks fails. What’s more there are usually some performance benefits to a RAID setup as data can be sourced from multiple […]

Ultimate Home Server Part 1 – Hardware

Many modern homes could benefit from having some sort of personal server to house files and run things like a media server, private cloud, IP CCTV or download server. For a long time I would have suggested using a pre-built NAS system from the likes of Synology. I reviewed an awful lot of their devices […]

Review: TP-Link Archer C5400X

Appearance This is quite possibly the most ridiculous looking router I’ve ever seen. I work in the enterprise IT field, so my perception of what a router should look like is often askew with what consumers might think is normal. Even taking into account the current trend of taking high end equipment and making it […]