A Suitable Alternative: Nuance Power PDF Standard

In today’s world, making use of PDFs comes pretty standard. It lets documents seem a tad more official and there are so many tools attached to it. Today, we will be looking into the Nuance Power PDF Standard.

We at Tech Made Easy have had businesses, office work, and what have you prior to being writers here. So we know that it’s pretty important to come up with PDF files. As such, it is important that you have a tool that you can completely rely on. Back then PDFs came at a premium—now, they are more lenient when it comes to software that can create and edit a PDF. Let’s get this review cracking!



The usual choice for PDF creation and tinkering would be Adobe Acrobat however, over prolonged periods, the price can be really gouging. This is particularly true because of Adobe’s tendency to charge people monthly. It may seem that you are only paying a bit but the prolonged cost isn’t really something you would want saddled with.

Nuance Power PDF Standard cost us around £79.99 and already it’s a lot more affordable than Adobe. What we particularly liked about this is that it has another edition that’s specifically for those who are still in school. We don’t know about you guys but we would have killed to have something like this in Uni!



The interface is actually really user-friendly. It is pretty reminiscent of MS Office circa 2007. So if you are someone who has worked with a lot of documents on Microsoft, using this will be almost second nature to you.

Of course, it can be a bit difficult to transition to a new system right away. So some of us particularly enjoyed the featured that allows you to convert your PDF into a Word Document! This helps those that are more comfortable making use of MS Word for their citations or annotations but still need a PDF as their final product.

While it would be too much to expect full conversion with no issues, they were not as glaring as we were dreading. There would only be slight formatting differences and certain graphics may not translate as well—so it is just best to keep track on what you want included and decide when you want to put it in.

Another thing that we found really useful is the “Read Aloud” option. Sometimes you can be pouring hours upon hours into a project that you may not realize there’s a typo in there that spell checker may miss. It is a truly helpful tool. It can read back either the page you are presently on or the entire document if you so choose.

Security encryption is a very good feature. There’s a lot of sensitive information that goes into PDFs at time so it is a load off our minds that there are now stronger ways to protect the document.


Verdict: Highly Recommended

For anyone who doesn’t really want to pay monthly fees or exorbitant membership fees, this is the software for you. Not only will there be extra security for your document but using the software is quite easy!


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