Cube Adventures: Arduino Uno!

If you’ve ever wanted to build your own LED cube, Arduino Uno is the way to go at it. Today, we’ll be discussing our little cube adventure! Never let it be said that Tech Made Easy does not know how to have fun! Who would have thought that something so quirky could come from something that seemed so technical?

Circuitry is certainly a nerdy thing but it is simpler than it actually appears! It was definitely challenging as a lot of us weren’t really into the whole hands-on build it yourself tech side. However, in the spirit of unity, we all decided to give it a shot. If you’re going to be building your own, we suggest that you:

  • Gather all your materials properly
  • Be dressed for the occasion (gloves and safety goggles)
  • Stay calm and steady
  • Be patient
  • Keep trying
  • Enjoy!

These are important if you’re ever going to succeed. A lot of us had to keep trying again because it didn’t light up properly or the shape didn’t really stick. Staying calm is important in order to not weld the wrong things together.

There’s quite a bit of materials involved so it’s important that you make sure that you’ve got all the tools AND materials that you need. Learn from us (we forgot to bring wire cutters and had to dash to the store).

Arduino Uno is actually a pretty interesting way to spend a weekend.  A lot of us didn’t actually get to finish their projects as it is fairly time consuming for an absolute newcomer. Before you start, choose how you’re planning on powering your cube as it can use a traditional power supply (which does not come with the kit) or you can choose to create a USB powered one (which comes with its own challenges).

Whichever way of powering it you decide to go with, you’ll still need to make a hole on the side of the case in order for the socket to go through. We also suggest that you do this activity with someone who has already successfully done it. There’s no sense in the blind leading the other blind people (which is what happened to us).

Regardless, it was a completely fun activity and we highly recommend it as a team building activity. Just be sure to read the manual completely, map out your intended form and make sure you have enough spare wire! Have fun!


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