Review: Deep Cool Matrexx 55 Case

A while back I was in need of a new case for my Unicorn Orgy build. I’d tried cramming all the hardware into a Corsair Carbide Series case but it was all a bit cheap and plain looking. I took myself off to Nehru Place where I found the excellent Deep Cool Matrexx 55 case […]

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Ultimate Home Server Part 1 – Hardware

Many modern homes could benefit from having some sort of personal server to house files and run things like a media server, private cloud, IP CCTV or download server. For a long time I would have suggested using a pre-built NAS system from the likes of Synology. I reviewed an awful lot of their devices […]

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My Top 10 PCs of ALL TIME

  • Sep 03, 2019

I have owned dozens of PCs over the years but some just stick with you forever, check out this video where I run down my top 10 favourite PCs of all time

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