Magic Indeed: SoundMAGIC E10 Headphones

One of the oldies but definite goodies in our book! Join us as we review the SoundMAGIC E10 headphones! On any given day that you search through a search engine for a headset, there is no doubt in our minds that you will be inundated with a plethora of choices. So how does a smart consumer choose? They do so by reading reviews by websites that they can trust.

We at Tech Made Easy make it our priority to deliver unbiased and truthful product reviews. This is how we get to stay on top and we would definitely like reward our readers with truthful advice. So without further ado, let’s get started!



A far cry from the usual drug store headphone “no choice/desperation” sort of buy, the earpieces on this set is made of sturdy aluminium which is actually pretty soft. So you can trust that your ears will not get bruised or sore from constant usage. The electricals are covered by a thick rubberized covers with some plastic thrown in for good measure.

What we find really appealing about this headset is that it does not only provide you with a working one but it also has three different sized earpieces! One of the biggest setbacks for generic headphones is being subjected to an earpiece that was either too large or too small. With SoundMAGIC E10, you do not have to worry about it—you have three to choose from!

For those that really care about “expressing themselves”, not to worry. There are several colors that you can choose from as well. The choices are: gold, purple, red, and silver. So there is a hue for everyone.



Of course, the main draw of headsets is not what they look like—it’s the sound that they process and produce. For the price (at the time of purchase) it was quite decent. The relay was fast, there were no unexpected echoes, and there was no weird distortion when you change the volume level.

Bass is a big kicker here, which we were not expecting to be so well defined for the price we paid. So be careful on how high you turn up the volume, you may end up injuring yourself. It terms of noise-cancellation, it was surprisingly good for something at this range. So we suggest that you do not use this when you are about to cross the road—you may have a hard time hearing incoming traffic.



When this headset first hit the market, it was available for £35. Not a bad price considering what it was saying that it could do. In the present market, these babies now go for about £69. Given the jump in price, this can only suggest that it is completely worth the money!


Verdict: Highly Recommended

All things considered, this headset can take some abuse. We used it for a round at the gym and we were still pretty comfortable. For something that was released several years ago, it stands the test of time. So if you’re in the market for a quality headset that won’t break your bank, we fully suggest that you go with the SoundMAGIC E10.

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