Write For Us!

Tech Made Easy is looking for new blood!

Our website is focused on providing our readers with information and tips that they can trust. This means that it’s a consistent effort. There is a LOT of information that needs to be sifted through—there’s always new releases and the pile keeps growing. This means that there is a lot of room for those who have an organic interest in technology topics.

We’re real enough to know that this isn’t a job that a single person (or two, or three) can take on successfully. Technology isn’t going to wait so it would be in everyone’s best interest if we opened our doors to contributing writers, bloggers, and writers!

We are always looking for people who:

  • are interested in providing a valuable service for others
  • are interested in having a career in writing
  • have a vested interest in technological updates
  • have a strong understanding of technical jargon
  • can put down their thoughts in a conversational manner
  • can work under strict deadlines
  • are able to produce 100% original, unbiased, and authentic reviews
  • would like to have their work published online

If you think that you fit in any of the descriptions stated above, we would like you to know that you would be a great contributing writer! If you believe that you would make a good fit with Tech Made Easy, give us a holler at 070-5701-7856!

Let’s all work together to provide aid for those that need a bit more help with tech, IT, and recent news!