Our Pick Of The 10 Best HR Software Solutions For Small Business Like Yours

You could be that you are missing out, if the HR solutions you have in place for your small business is nothing more than a number of spreadsheets on a computer and paperwork stashed stored away in a drawer. The informal approach definitely works well during the earlier days of businesses. However, it doesn’t take long for this simplistic approach to become a problem as your business begins to grow.

This is why we have put together a list of what we believe are some of the best hr software for small businesses available at the moment.

HR Flow

HRflow is on track to be the UK’s leading HR Software solution for small businesses. Th software provides fee a completely flexible around your business needs. Which is completely unique among other HR software providers for small and micro businesses that is currently on the market. You can even choose to pay a monthly subscription instead of our low annual fee. Some of the primary features of HR Flow includes employee management, simple and easy reporting and also holiday management. For more information visit https://www.hrflow.org/


With BambooHR there is quite a comprehensive record-keeping element, that includes electronic signature support that means you don’t have to get paperwork signed and keep physical copies. The software also allows you to track applicants for jobs, approve any requests for time off, conduct reviews of employee performance and create customised workflows to manage the processes of approval within your organisation along with many other things.

Zoho People

If your business is so small you only employee a few people, the biggest advantage of using Zoho People is that it costs nothing when it is used for 5 people or less. If you use it with more than that, the price on a monthly basis increases.

Zoho People has plenty of different services to choose from, such as:

  • Accessing announcements
  • Viewing all permissions and approvals
  • Raising requests for travelling
  • Viewing leave balances and reports
  • Exporting personal data
  • Collaborating through various feeds
  • Viewing benefits
  • Claiming back medical reimbursements
  • Adding jobs and their log times
  • viewing reports regarding attendance
  • Modifying the information held about people


Namely is more squarely directed at medium sized businesses. Namely defines medium-sized companies as those with 15 to thousands of employees. Although this is not the best software to use if you have a very small business, it is ideal if you have big and bold plans for expansion and want a solution that can easily be scaled up.

75% of their clients report that the Namely software has increased engagement with their employees, while 7According to Namely, 75% of its clients say the software has increased employee engagement, and 72% say it’s made employees more productive. That’s partly because it’s % say it has increased productivity. These figures are based on surveys conducted by Namely themselves. One of the best things about this software is how it has been designed taking inspiration from social media. People are already familiar with how those kinds of sites work, so they are more likely to feel comfortable using HR software that works in a similar way.


You can use the Gusto software to transform your current recruitment process into a completely paperless and more efficient procedure. From the online portal you can post letters with offers to potential employees, get them initiated fully and have them sign up for payroll and any benefits open to them.

Following on from those things, you can then handle requests for time off, conduct surveys of your employees performances, create useful org charts and a whole lot more.


With the Zenefits’ module for HR  you can handle things like keeping records of employees, hiring and on-boarding and many other things. While all of these are very powerful, it is a smaller part of a bigger software platform that provides other services such as benefits administration, payroll processing, regulatory compliance and time tracking.

With Zenefits there are also Android and iOS apps for different functions from clocking in and out to checking the insurance details of employees, so it’s worth considering if your employees are out on the road a lot.


What began as a very small Latvian start-up back in 2011, has since grown to handle clients in over 1,000 cities across the world, including a lot of well-known clients such as Cake began as a small Latvian start-up in 2011 and has expanded to serve clients in more than 1,000 cities, including well-known names such as Paperless Post, an e-commerce company.

This is a fairly simple solution for various services such as mobile apps, reporting, company calender sharing, vacation tracking and full integration with some of the most popular apps around like Google and Slack apps. There is also a employee performance review module in the works that is based on the 36 degree feedback.

Cezanne HR

Perhaps you are looking for something with fuller features and a bit more comprehensive. If so, you should give Cezanne a shot. However, keep in mind that this is directed at bigger medium-sized businesses and may be too complicated and intensive for smaller companies. For growing companies though, you get access to a very powerful suite that caters to most HR tasks you might want.

For instance, you can use the People module to manage shifts, record and track disciplinaries and log health and safety incidents along with so much more. Furthermore, using the module titled Career and Succession, you can create strategic plans for potential successors, mapping out key roles and staffing needs in the future.

It is worth noting that we have merely scratched the surface and this is one of the most comprehensive solutions available that is best used by a company with the budget and size to get the full benefit out of it.


In a similar vein to Zoho People, WebHR is completely free, as long as you are only using it for no more than 5 people. Again, the monthly rates increase based on the additional members of staff you add following on from your initial use of the software.

This is a incredibly comprehensive piece of software, it has to be said, and covers just about every single part of an employees time with your business, from the very beginning to the very end. It includes attractive styled features similar to those on social media sites that aims to boost the communication between employees and employers through status updates, forums and instant messaging. Employees are able to use the platform for many things, including travel or leave authorisation application, requests for reimbursement submissions and resigning online.


BreatheHR is a UK-based piece of software that brings together different pieces of data into a incredibly easy to use dashboard for employees and employers.

Take for instance, the fact that an employee can use the dashboard that shows the number of days off they have already booked and the amount they have unused, requested or completed training, key deliverables and objectives, their record of sick leave and any scheduled one on one meetings they have with their supervisor or manager. From the same page there is also a button that can take them to perform actions in areas such as one to one meeting requesting and training requesting.

It comes with a free trial for 14 days.


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