How new technologies like VR and AI could influence the gambling world.

Recent years have seen the emergence of a new breed of technology that is set to transform many industries around the world. The gambling industry is just one of the markets where operators and developers are searching for new innovations that will both enhance their gameplay and safeguard themselves against the criminal threats that are posed to the online gambling industry.

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence are just a couple of the technologies that are set to revolutionise the industry in ways we’ve never seen before. Whether the industry can implement the technology in a way that works for all parties remains in question but any changes that are made will occur under the watchful eye of law makers and legislature providers.

Virtual Reality

There isn’t an industry in the market that hasn’t been associated with virtual reality, but it’s mostly the markets that require great visuals to succeed that are jumping on the bandwagon. Many slot games by developers like NetEnt and Microgaming are increasingly creating slot games with immersive cut scenes and storylines that in recent years have been the latest innovations to the market.

What’s next for the industry? Virtual reality technologies like Oculus Rift will be a valuable marketing tool for casinos but the question remains how far away from gambling will virtual reality take the player and will this disassociate the player from the fact they are still in fact, gambling.

If gamers are playing for longer and lost in virtual worlds that mimic reality they are more likely to spend more money which will likely create an ethical debate around how much virtual reality gaming is fuelling things like gambling addiction. Furthermore, new developments within the virtual reality industry are suggesting that the technology will be able to detect gender and provide a custom gameplay experience within the virtual world that will target gamers specifically rather than on a mass scale which will blow the industry apart for both operators, developers and marketers.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is something that you hear about in science fiction movies or in predictions of the future. Images of a universe that has been taken over by robots who have grown smarter than us. The reality, despite being similar in notion looks a lot different. AI is mostly used to create the complicated algorithms that exist in the interface and behind the main themes of the game. The intelligence has superior brain power to the average human which creates gameplay that a normal player or at least the human mind cannot beat, without assistance.

In respect of this, the only way to beat artificial intelligence is to use artificial intelligence to counteract it.

Scott Manford, CEO of Easy Slots said: “Easy Slots prides itself on being at the forefront of industry when it comes to innovation and new technologies. Artificial intelligence is already and inherent part of the online casino world but it would be interesting to see it enter new areas of the industry. Virtual reality on the other hand is a hot topic for many gaming operators but it’s important to keep the correct balance when it comes to offering an immersive gameplay experience while also maintaining responsible gaming guidelines.” Read more.


It’s only a matter of time before technologies like artificial intelligence broker themselves into all areas of industry. There aesthetics creates a diverse spectrum of possibilities that could permeate a multitude of customer-face and online markets. The question remains as to whether enough research can be done into these technology’s to maintain safe gameplay within the gambling industry and also an effective algorithm that keeps gamers coming back for more while assuming some sort of power over the game.

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