Features in Windows 10 You May Not Be Aware Of?

Unless you’ve opted to use an Apple product, many of the laptops or computers you use will come with a version of Windows. Although Windows XP was popular for some time, it has since been replaced by Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Windows 10 took some time to win over users, but it has finally cemented itself as one of the main operating systems that people use.

Although many use the operating system on a daily basis, this doesn’t mean that every used knows about every feature included with Windows 10.

Some users may not need to use the following features, but there still worth knowing about should anything arise in the future.

The Secret Windows Menu

Those who use Windows 10 will be fully aware that clicking on the Windows icon in the bottom left-hand side of the screen will being up a menu. However, if you right-click instead of left-click, you will be greeted with a different menu.

This gives users direct access to the inner-workings of Windows 10 and allows them access to options including System Restore which you can find out more about here https://techloris.com/enable-system-restore-in-windows-10/ and Networks.

The ‘Shake’ Option

Don’t worry, this option doesn’t mean that you literally must shake the device. The ‘Shake’ option allows you to minimise other open windows so you can concentrate on one screen.

To engage the ‘Shake’ option, you just need to hover the arrow over the window you wish to use and then move then click the left button to ‘shake’ the screen. This will minimise all other windows. Want to reopen the windows? Then simply repeat the process and the previously minimised tabs will reappear.

The Desktop Button

The ‘Shake’ option is one way of minimising tabs that aren’t be used. However, if you’re just wait to gain access to your desktop but there are lots of open tabs, then you can press the ‘Desktop Button’ and all windows minimise automatically.

The button itself is hid very well, so it’s understandable why s many don’t know it even exists. It sites on the bottom right-hand side of the screen and is only identifiable via thin white line which sits next to the clock.

Playing Games with Cortana

Cortana is essentially Microsoft’s answers to Siri and Google Assist, and pretty much works in the same way, albeit within the Windows 10 operating system. The assistant is great at searching the web, making appointments and issuing reminders, but did you know you can play games with Cortona?

For example, if you fancy a game of ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ then simply say this to Cortona and they will start the game. There is even a couple of options that can help resolve disagreements. Asking Cortona to flip a coin follows with a response and a graphic of the result. A similar result is given when asking Cortona to roll the dice.

Granted, it’s not the next step of evolution when it comes to partnerships between man and machine, but it’s a fun way of passing the time and can eve hold bragging rights among your peers.

Access ‘God Mode’

There are several ways of tweaking the setting within Windows 10, but there are easier ways, and ‘God Mode’ could be the solution you’re looking for. What’s more, the process couldn’t be easier to implement.

To start, simply create a new folder. This can be placed wherever you like, but it’s recommended that you place the folder on the Desktop so it can be easily located.

Once the folder has been created, you need to rename it to the following:


You will notice that the folder now changes into an icon and will grant you access to the Windows Master Control Panel shortcut, also known as ‘God Mode.’

Instead of having to navigate your away around numerous settings, you can access everything from one location.

Rotate the Screen

Granted, not everyone will need to rotate their screen, and some may even wonder such an option exists.

Those who use multiple displays will soon find that some configuration is needed, and soon the screen rotation option comes in handy.

Rotating the screen to suit your purpose couldn’t any easier. Simply press Ctrl + Alt + D followed by one of the arrow keys.

Another way of rotating the screen is to right-click on the Desktop screen and then Graphic Options
> Rotation.

Scroll Thought Pinned Applications

Although many of us rely on a mouse to navigate around Windows 10, there is another way of scrolling through the pinned applications at the bottom of the screen.

Simply press the Windows key followed by ‘T’ and then use the arrow keys to navigate around the pinned applications.

Create a New Desktop

Is your current desktop becoming a little congested, then you may want to split up the workload by creating an additional Desktop. This can be done by pressing the Windpws key followed by Tab.

A timeline of your recent history will show, along with an option in the top right-hand side that allows for a new desktop to be created. This ensures that those working on different projects on their machine aren’t becoming confused due to the number of windows open.

Play Xbox One Games via Windows 10

As well as creating operating systems and applications, Microsoft is also known for its Xbox consoles, and its most recent addition, the Xbox one, can be paired up with Windows 10.

Connecting to your Xbox One consoles couldn’t be any easier. You simply need to download the Xbox application that can be found within the Windows store, and ensure that both the consoles and the device you’re using are connected to the same network,

While more intensive games may suffer from lag, there are some games available that are designed exclusively for such a setup and can be a great substitute if you’re unable to use the console directly.

Although some of these tips may never be used by some Windows users, there are some that could make things a lot easier for those with more unique requirements.


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