True Talk: Is It worth Buying the New iPhone?

There has been a lot of news about Apple launching its latest phone called the iPhone X. So now the question goes: is it truly worth buying? Ever since the iPhone graced the world in 2007, it has certainly changed the world of phones as we knew it.

Instead of something that was used simply to communicate with each other, it now became the premiere choice for cellular phones. With consistent releases even after the death of Steve Jobs, Apple continues to dominate the gadget sphere. However, this does not mean there has not been any grumblings over the phone. Here are some of the largest reasons why there has been a lot of hesitation regarding the latest iPhone:



The selling price of the iPhone has only gone up through the years. It’s not even something that you can excuse with inflation. When the very first iPhone was launched, it was selling for almost $600. It was shortly after that they dropped the price to around half. However, as the company saw that regardless of the price, they took that as the sign that they had the market in a pretty solid way.

From what we’ve gathered, the latest iPhone will hit wallets for 999 pounds for the 64GB variation and almost 1,150 pounds for the 256GB version.  If anything having the latest Apple gadget is more of a status symbol than anything.



In terms of performance, most people tend to still prefer the iPhone 8. While the newest iPhone does boast a massive screen size—the largest seen on an iPhone—people aren’t too happy about the facial recognition unlock feature. Privacy has always been a great concern, particularly now that hacking seems to be a fairly regular occurrence.

The OS is in the latest form which introduces a lot simplistic styling. The camera comes in a double 12 MP rear camera and a 7 MP front one. One of the things that we’re really looking forward to trying is the wireless charging. As anyone who has ever owned an iPhone will know that the first thing to ever break is the charger. This will be an interesting take to help lessen the carrying load as well as the amount of plastic used to produce chargers.

There are a huge number of smartphone aficionados that say that in terms of capacity, the latest iPhone isn’t really bringing anything new to the table. It’s just a flashy way of saying “I’ve got money!”


Are you getting one?

As of right now, Apple has announced that pre-orders will start at around the latter part of October. We’re definitely going to get our hands on one just to get a fully assessment and review by our own team of writers. After all, you can’t really provide an accurate review if you don’t have the actual product with you.

Let us know if you’re planning to get one or if you’re interested in reading a full on review. We’re always glad to hear from our audiences!


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