How Can New Businesses Manage Their IT Support Needs?

There are a lot of challenges facing new businesses which is why many of them don’t live past their first year or two. That’s not going to fill many people with confidence but for every business that does fail one will succeed.

So, all you need to do is make sure your businesses is one of the ones that succeeds! OK, it’s not that simple is it? But it can be done and one of the best ways to ensure your business succeeds is to use a team like Mustard IT.

Mustard IT is an IT support and consultancy company and they can be a great help to new businesses. New businesses will face a lot of initial start-up costs and once you’re set up and running there are other costs to factor in as well.

One of the biggest expenses is IT and unlike some costs IT is something that many new businesses regardless of the industry they work in will need to have. You just can’t really have a business without some kind of IT infrastructure, can you?

Many people, especially in smaller businesses, try to do this themselves but this will rarely ever work out, there is only so much you can take on yourself before you burn out. So, what’s the solution how does a new business manage their IT support needs?

Outsourcing Your IT Support Needs

Like I mentioned earlier a group like Mustard IT can greatly increase your chances of success when it comes to establishing your business. IT is essential as we’ve already discussed but you don’t need to run it all yourself.

A new business likely won’t have the funds to hire an in-house IT team or the time to go through applications, a long interview process and then train new people, will they? And if you do somehow have the time and money available it can usually be better spent elsewhere.

And by outsourcing your IT needs to a group like Mustard IT you get instant access to qualified, experienced professionals. This way you can ensure your IT needs are always taken care of and will have professional help to turn to if something goes wrong.

IT is notoriously tricky and knowing you have professional support to turn to when you need it is going to give you complete peace of mind. Best of all, when you’re outsourcing your IT needs you will be able to control the cost much more effectively.

You can call in the services you need when things aren’t working right or when you run into a problem. It gives you a greater level of control over your businesses expenses which is going to be very useful in the early days of your business’s operation.

So, outsourcing your IT needs to a group like Mustard IT is something any business should consider especially newer businesses in the earlier stages of their foundation. By outsourcing your IT needs you’ll get instant access to highly trained, experienced professionals, reduced costs and better efficiency across the whole of your business.

But even with all these benefits, some businesses might still prefer hiring their own in-house team. While this does come with some benefits, in my opinion, it usually isn’t worth it, especially for new businesses. Let’s look at why that is in more detail.

Hiring You Own In-House IT Team – Yay or Nay?

Having your own fully kitted out IT team with all the latest equipment and professional, high-quality training would be great, wouldn’t it? But let’s be honest how many businesses can really afford that? Especially new businesses who will have a more limited budget, the answer is likely somewhere around zero.

Which means you have to be more realistic about what you can achieve and what you should spend money on. Now does that mean you shouldn’t have your own in-house team? Well, that is for you to decide eventually you could start building up your own in-house IT team but in the early stages of development, it will almost always be the better option to let a group like Mustard IT take care of it for you.

The other good part about using a team like Mustard IT is that they can work with your own IT team as well. This is something that is rarely talked about but it is a great benefit of outsourcing your IT needs and in many ways gives you the best of both worlds.

Let’s say you have a single-person IT team, something that is more common than you might think in new businesses. If you suddenly find your IT person struggling to cope with the influx of work then you can outsource some of your IT responsibilities to a company like Mustard IT and have them work with your current IT person/ team!

And then when work becomes more manageable you can return all the responsibilities to your IT person/ team again and only outsource your IT needs when your team is finding it difficult to cope or in an emergency situation like staff sicknesses.

Outsourcing your IT needs gives you more flexibility and versatility when it comes to approaching your businesses IT needs even if you already have an in-house team or person. So, is having your own in-house team worth it or not?

That’s really all down to you to decide there are some benefits for sure but for new businesses that should be a long-term goal, not something you set-up right away. And remember even when you do (if you decide to) you can still utilise the benefits of outsourcing when you need to.

Outsourcing your IT support needs is something any business can benefit from but especially new businesses still in their early years of development. So, if you’re a new business owner or manager and struggling to work out your businesses IT needs why not get in touch with a group like Mustard IT and see how they can help you reach your full potential.

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