Cowon C2 Personal Media Player:Up Close and Personal

If a commute is a standard part of your day, having a handy MP3 player is a must. Join us as we do a bit of digging into the Cowon C2 Personal Media Player. In a land where it’s always either you stare out the window for hours until you reach your destination or make use of your phone and risk having your gadget stolen, the choices can be difficult. It’s good then that technology has evolved enough that gadgets can be quite discreet.

So without further ado, here’s our review!


First Impressions

To be honest, the writers of Tech Made Easy were not really expecting much from such a tiny thing. It’s easy to be skeptical when faced with something unfamiliar. From the start it was hard to believe that anyone could really utilize something so small. The screen was around less than three inches in diameter so if you were hoping to watch any videos on this thing, you’re going to have to squint.

Screen impression notwithstanding, the entirety of the gadget is pretty solid and easy to hold. It fits comfortably between two hands so there is little chance of losing grip. It also helps that the back part is matte so there is definitely more of a grip than initially expected.



For something so tiny, it sure has a lot of storage space. The variations available are 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB. What’s even more delightful is that there’s a slot for an micro-SD card—it can handle up to 32GB in size. Even the base model is enough to hold a couple of 480p movies. Since songs are usually in such miniscule formatting, you can pack a LOT of songs in this tiny gadget.

Oddly enough during a time of highly reactive screens, we liked how the C2’s screen needed a bit of pressure in order to swipe or input a command. This meant that if it was in your pocket, it’s not going to randomly start skipping songs because your pocket somehow managed to unlock the thing. It’s got a built-in radio so if you’re really not into listening to music, you can catch up on news channels.


User Experience

As for usage, the interface is pretty direct. There aren’t a lot of unnecessary apps so it’s a very straightforward user experience. When we tried out the video capability, we were shocked! The picture came out clearer than we thought it would. Whatever it lacks in size, it makes up for in quality.

While the built-in speaker isn’t that great, if this is your go-to for a commute, you would not be using that anyway. If you use the C2 with a trusty pair of headphones, the experience is pretty good. The sound quality produced by the C2 is pretty clear once you’ve stuck your headset into it.


Verdict: Yes, with Reservations

Let us explain. It’s a fairly solid product but the price of £105 for the 8GB model is a bit steep for something so small and isn’t going to be used beyond a commute.


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