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Bitcoin Scams to Be Aware Of

bitcoin 1 - Bitcoin Scams to Be Aware Of

The popularity of Bitcoin means that it has built up a large community, many of which are willing to give advice and guide newbies in the right direction. Unfortunately, there are those who prey on the vulnerable, and look to make a quick profit at someone else’s expense. The true is same in the world of Bitcoin.

Staying safe online is about educating ourselves about the dangers. If we’re aware of the dangers before us, then we’re in a better position to avoid it moving forward.

The Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme

As the name would suggest, the Ponzi scheme is based on Charles Ponzi’s business idea of yielding high interest for investments. This idea is applied to the Bitcoin industry in the guise of a company offering high interest for early Bitcoin deposits. This works in the initial period, but as the company struggles to acquire new investors, the plan soon falls apart. It’s only towards the end of the scheme that the problems are highlighted to investors. In this instance, if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Bitcoin Wallet Scams

One of the necessities when purchasing Bitcoins is having access to a wallet. There are plenty of reputable providers online, but there are also those with more sinister motives. Therefore, it’s so important to carry out research before making any sort of transaction online.

Those carrying out Bitcoin wallet scams are probably more obvious to regular users, but if you’re new to Bitcoin, it could be easy to fall for the scam. Initially, those unfortunate enough to be drawn in find that the wallet is fine for a set amount of time, but then start to notice that something is amiss, often leading to depleted accounts. While easy to avoid, it’s something to be aware of before committing to a particular wallet solution.

Fake Bitcoin Exchanges

Just like a wallet, the use of a Bitcoin exchange is commonplace. In fact, it’s probably the number one platform when it comes to purchasing Bitcoins. Again, carrying out some research allows you to find out what companies are considered the most reputable. However, if we enter the arena blindly, we could end up using the platforms.

Bitcoin exchanges have recognised the profit in processing fees, and this is where many make their profit. As such, if a similar solution appears with much smaller processing fees, it’s easy to see why many would jump ship. The harsh reality is only realised when a payment is made, and the user finds that there is no Bitcoin. Those who have fallen victim to the scam can call their bank to try and recoup the money, but knowing about the fake exchanges means that we can avoid them with ease. To find out which are the best Cryptocurreny exchanges to use visit this website

Bitcoin Mining Scams

Bitcoin mining is a laborious task that often requires expensive equipment. The purpose of the exercise is to validate the transactions made which in turn secures the public ledger. Bitcoin mining is a process that yields results in the long-term, and takes dedication.

While there are legitimate cloud mining scams out there, there are those that promise to deliver a service that makes Bitcoin mining an inexpensive endeavour, only to find that the investment went towards a service that doesn’t exist.

As with other services, you need to carry out some research before parting with any of your money, especially if you’re new to Bitcoin.

Phishing Scams

We’ve probably all been targets of phishing scams at some point. They normally take the guise of official emails from a financial institution or another payment provider. They often ask the recipient to log in using their details, only for a scam artist to receive the information.

The Bitcoin phishing scam works in a similar way, only the user receives an email that states they have been awarded Bitcoins, and need to sign into their wallet to receive the currency. In reality, the information being entered is being intercepted by a third party. These means that they have access to your Bitcoin wallet and the contents within.

Deleting the email is enough to avoid such an occurrence, but it’s still something that you need to be aware of.


Reading about the many scams can dissuade some people from enjoying the benefits Bitcoin has to offer, but it’s about ensuring we’re aware of the scams out there. As mentioned, there are many scams that are sent to bank account holders, but as many are aware of the scam, they don’t fool as many people as the scammers would like. Just as we wouldn’t show anyone our PIN for our credit card, we shouldn’t be showcasing our private key. The more we build our defences and become more knowledgeable in Bitcoin, the less at risk we are.

Freedom Undeniably: Jaybird Freedom Headphones

Freedom Undeniably - Freedom Undeniably: Jaybird Freedom Headphones

The world has always been busy. The world today, if you can believe it, is even busier. As such it is important to have a headset that can keep up. Today, we review the Jaybird Freedom Headphones. As always, Tech Made Easy is dedicated to providing you (our dear readers) with recommendations and reviews that you can trust.

When we want to hunker down and focus on what we are doing, we like to listen to music. This is something that we are sure that you can relate with. It is the year 2017 and the world is obsessed with getting healthy (which is honestly a really good thing). One of the more popular ways in which people choose to get healthy is through running.

When you’re running solo, one of the best things to do is to tune out the world and just listen to your playlist. However, a common issue is that it is hard to find reliable headphones that suit the movement of a runner. Thankfully, Jaybird Freedom is here to save the day.



Sleek is the name of the game and Freedom is rocking it! The very first thing that we noticed is that the curvature is quite different from other “running headsets” out in the market. It hugs and curves along the lower lobe of your ear which makes it quite ideal for those who aren’t just runners. They are quite perfect for those who have to wear safety gear.



The sound that the Freedom produces is quite clear and vibrant. It’s able to continue delivering stellar beats even when you should be hearing the air whooshing into your ears. If you are not aware, the Freedom can either be wired with cables or has a Bluetooth option.

We used to not be big fans of Bluetooth headsets as they tend to have extremely miniscule battery life. However, we are pleased to report that we had to swallow our initial misgivings about Bluetooth headsets. While the box says that it can support usage of up to four consistent hours, we pushed our sample to the limit and it did not need charging until well into the sixth hour of continuous use!

So while six hours may not be enough for those who want to use their headphones for a full-day’s utilization, it is perfect for those who want to use it for a set workout.



For such a high performance accessor, surely you do not expect it to come at a super low price. After all, you get what you pay for (most of the time). While the Jaybird Freedom Headphones will set you back a good £150, it is tremendously worth it.


Verdict: BUY. NOW!

The Jaybird Freedom Headset is a great value for money accessory that will see a lot of use. It has the potential to be filed under “How have I lived before this” kind of accessory. We’re all stoked to see what else this company has in store for the future but for right now, we’re still giddy over our the Freedom.

Hardware wallets – what are they and how do they work?

ledger wallet 1 - Hardware wallets – what are they and how do they work?

There’s a bunch of different ways you can keep your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency safe – but few options are as secure as a high-end hardware wallet.

If you’re relatively new to Bitcoin, you might not fully appreciate how vulnerable your coins can be – so it pays to be fully informed about all the options that are out there. We’ll take a look at what a hardware wallet is, how it works – and some of the most popular devices on the market…

What is a Bitcoin wallet?

As you probably already know, Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are made up of a collection of private ‘keys’. However, the particular crypto network only works with client software that manages those keys, allowing users to make transactions.

A ‘wallet’ is one such piece of client software – it provides a pair of keys (one public and one private) so that currency can be accessed – and the algorithms that mean transactions can be carried out across your chosen crypto network.

A hardware wallet is exactly as it sounds – a physical device that does the above.

What exactly does a hardware wallet do?

As you’ll know, there are two types of Bitcoin key, a public one, required to transmit Bitcoin to that wallet – and a private one, required to send or spend your Bitcoin. Most hardware wallets will generate the private key that’s required for a Bitcoin transaction to take place.

A hardware wallet will also chart the transactions executed on the device – although rather than displaying the complex blockchain transaction that’s taken place, the device will display a ‘hash’ – essentially a code that identifies the nature of the transaction and puts it into one particular category.

Some (but not all) wallets display key information on a small screen – a really important feature that means information can stay within the wallet itself. The reason for this is fairly simple – a Bitcoin wallet is extremely difficult, if not impossible to breach. Your computer on the other hand is extremely vulnerable – so, transmit data from your super secure wallet to your fairly insecure computer – and there you go… a vulnerability.

Having a screen means this vulnerability is removed – as keys do not have to be passed from one device to another.

Hardware wallets have an additional security feature – a button – or maybe two.

Where clickable buttons are being phased out elsewhere in tech – they still have an extremely important part to play in Bitcoin wallet security – that’s because they can’t be pressed electronically. For instance, you’re about to confirm a transaction – there’s an outside possibility that this transaction isn’t being performed by you – however, since your hardware wallet and button reside in your hand, you’re the only person who can push the button. Simple – but effective.

Buying a hardware wallet

Keen to find out which is the best hardware wallet? Well, the good news is, it’s not going to take you long to research all the possibilities.

Hardware wallets are, for the time being, a very specialised piece of equipment – and the relatively low popularity of cryptocurrency vs. standard currency means you’re not likely to see them on supermarket shelves anytime soon.

We’ll give you an overview of the 2 most popular products on the market today:

Ledger Nano S

Ledger offer some excellent, tried and tested cryptocurrency products – although by far the most popular is the Ledger Nano S.

To the untrained eye, the Nano S would resemble a USB drive hanging from your bunch of keys – although the contents are likely to be far more valuable (and a lot more difficult to access!)

When you set up a Nano S, you’re required to enter a PIN, consisting of 4 numbers. Enter an incorrect PIN too many times and your wallet is wiped – meaning theft of the device would be extremely unlikely to result in your currency being lost. That said, your Bitcoin isn’t gone forever – the Nano S creates a one-time recovery phrase that is recorded elsewhere at setup – allowing you to recover the wallet if it is lost or stolen.

Building on the already secure concept of physical buttons – the Nano S has two buttons that require simultaneously pressing to authorise any transaction, adding an extra layer of security.


TREZOR were the first company to launch Bitcoin hardware wallets – and they’ve continued to grow their security from day 1 – making them one of the safest choices on the market.

Back up and function is very similar to the Ledger Nano S – with a generated pass phrase that allows for a secure recovery of the wallet’s contents should it be lost or stolen. Physical button presses are also required for transaction authorisations.

2017 saw the first recorded breach of a hardware wallet – and the device in question was a TREZOR. That said, the exploit was extremely difficult to enact – and the company rectified the issue almost immediately after it became apparent – the type of response you’d expect from a company that looks after significant amounts of client currency.

TREZOR devices can be recovered in a number of versatile ways too – including recovery to a number of web and software based wallets – handy if you don’t have another TREZOR to hand.

Where to find hardware wallets

Both the TRAZOR and Ledger Nano S tend to sell very quickly – and since they’re made in limited numbers, you can sometimes be waiting a while before you find a vendor with one in stock. If you’re in the marketplace and see one available – buy quickly – and you’ll avoid lengthy waits before your currency is secure.

General hardware wallet advice

Hardware wallets are not generally considered the best ‘beginner’ option for managing your Bitcoin. That said, it depends what being a beginner means to you – if it’s trading small amounts of cryptocurrency – then the cost and complexity of a hardware wallet might not make sense. However, if ‘starting out’ with Bitcoin means buying a small fortune’s worth, then buying and understanding a hardware wallet might be a good step.

Safety often means complexity – and this is especially true of hardware wallets – but understand them and work with their complex security and you’re unlikely to find a safer option.

Speed Up Your Home PC With These Ten Great Tips!

Untitled 1 - Speed Up Your Home PC With These Ten Great Tips!

It’s certainly a strange case of irony that what was once considered the far-future of technology is now seen by some as old-fashioned. But such is the case with the humble home PC, nowadays with laptops, smartphones, and tablets it can seem like your home PC is a bit of a throwback.

But hey plenty of households still have one and I for one am a fan! There’s just something reassuring about a more traditional home or family PC and I think they’ll still be around for decades to come. However, if there is one common complaint of home PC’s it’s that they are often pretty slow machines.

That makes sense when you consider that in the majority of cases everyone in your household will use it every now and again. They could be saving work, downloading programs and much more and this can all build up and quickly turn your computer into a very slow machine. So, let’s look at ten tips shared with us by PC Doc who provide Laptop Repairs in Edinburgh, with these awesome tips and tricks you can use to get your home PC back into shape without having to visit the local repair shop!

Use The Performance Monitor

Because of the free update period for Windows 10, many home PC’s now have access to a helpful new feature namely the performance monitor. Simply type “perform /report” into your search box and your PC will then launch the performance monitor which will check out your PC’s performance.

The results should appear within a couple of minutes and you should pay particular attention to the CPU section. This area will outline any memory issues the results will be colour coded, so they are easy to understand. This will give you a great starting point to work from to speed your computer up.

Use Shortcuts

Shortcuts have existed for a long time but unfortunately, many people don’t often use them, but they can be great time-savers! If there’s a particular website you use often make a shortcut of it on your desktop, it might seem like a small thing, but it can save you a lot of time.

Uninstall Unwanted Programs

Because a home PC is usually going to be used by a lot of people it can build-up a big collection of different programs. Many of these likely won’t all be needed they might be add-ons that have come with other programs or bloatware that’s been accidentally downloaded.

This can really slow your computer down, so you should be sure to check the control panel for a list of programs and uninstall any that aren’t needed anymore. Regularly check the programs you have installed every so often to ensure you also keep a balanced level.

Delete Any Unneeded Documents

Just like with software programs a home PC can build-up a lot of documents in a short amount of time, especially if you have young children or use your home PC for work purposes. So, make sure anything that’s not needed anymore is deleted and then make sure you remember to empty the recycle bin, so you can get rid of it for good.

The Trouble Shooter’s Housecleaning

Another great benefit of the Windows 10 upgrade was the improved trouble shooter. To launch it go to the control panel, system and security, security and maintenance, troubleshooting and finally click run maintenance tasks. The trouble shooter will get rid of unused shortcuts and perform simple maintenance tasks to help your computer run more quickly. 

Delete Your Temporary Files

Sometimes your computer could be set-up to this automatically but that isn’t going to be the case for the majority of home PCs. So, if you’re experiencing a slow computer one of the first things you should do is go and check out the temporary files.

These files will amass during simple day to day use and while they are very small on their own when they collect they can take up a lot of space. So, go to the My Computer tab, then local C drive and then the Windows folder and finally click the temp folder.

You will likely then see a huge collection of different folders, from this page you’ll need to go to the view or options tab to see any files that where generate before the current date. Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to simply delete the files, make sure you empty the recycle bin as well once they are deleted.

A Faster Start-Up

Slow start-ups are usually caused because your computer is trying to ready to many programs at once, for example, once you power on if a number of programs are launched automatically it will really slow your computer down.

To stop your PC from doing this type “msconfig” in the start menu search box or go to the system configuration menu through the control panel and click the start-up tab. Once that’s done you’ll see a list of all the programs installed on your computer simply untick any that aren’t essential, and you’ll have a much speedier start-up.

Return To Default Settings

Part of having a home PC means everyone gets to use it but these means many people will likely tweak the settings as well. One great way to get everything back to normal is to return your computer’s settings back to their more balanced defaults. You can do this from the system configuration menu through the control panel.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Fonts

Microsoft Word is a great program, but do you really need all those fonts? Search fonts in the start menu search box to open up the font folder. From there you can click on any you don’t want and hide them or if you are certain you won’t need them you can delete them for good.

Run A Disk Clean-Up

If your home PC is being really slow and it’s making even carrying out some of these tips difficult then you should go straight to running a disk clean-up. You can open this menu by clicking on start, then all programs, then accessories, then system tools and finally on the disk clean-up tab.

A Suitable Alternative: Nuance Power PDF Standard

Suitable Alternative - A Suitable Alternative: Nuance Power PDF Standard

In today’s world, making use of PDFs comes pretty standard. It lets documents seem a tad more official and there are so many tools attached to it. Today, we will be looking into the Nuance Power PDF Standard.

We at Tech Made Easy have had businesses, office work, and what have you prior to being writers here. So we know that it’s pretty important to come up with PDF files. As such, it is important that you have a tool that you can completely rely on. Back then PDFs came at a premium—now, they are more lenient when it comes to software that can create and edit a PDF. Let’s get this review cracking!



The usual choice for PDF creation and tinkering would be Adobe Acrobat however, over prolonged periods, the price can be really gouging. This is particularly true because of Adobe’s tendency to charge people monthly. It may seem that you are only paying a bit but the prolonged cost isn’t really something you would want saddled with.

Nuance Power PDF Standard cost us around £79.99 and already it’s a lot more affordable than Adobe. What we particularly liked about this is that it has another edition that’s specifically for those who are still in school. We don’t know about you guys but we would have killed to have something like this in Uni!



The interface is actually really user-friendly. It is pretty reminiscent of MS Office circa 2007. So if you are someone who has worked with a lot of documents on Microsoft, using this will be almost second nature to you.

Of course, it can be a bit difficult to transition to a new system right away. So some of us particularly enjoyed the featured that allows you to convert your PDF into a Word Document! This helps those that are more comfortable making use of MS Word for their citations or annotations but still need a PDF as their final product.

While it would be too much to expect full conversion with no issues, they were not as glaring as we were dreading. There would only be slight formatting differences and certain graphics may not translate as well—so it is just best to keep track on what you want included and decide when you want to put it in.

Another thing that we found really useful is the “Read Aloud” option. Sometimes you can be pouring hours upon hours into a project that you may not realize there’s a typo in there that spell checker may miss. It is a truly helpful tool. It can read back either the page you are presently on or the entire document if you so choose.

Security encryption is a very good feature. There’s a lot of sensitive information that goes into PDFs at time so it is a load off our minds that there are now stronger ways to protect the document.


Verdict: Highly Recommended

For anyone who doesn’t really want to pay monthly fees or exorbitant membership fees, this is the software for you. Not only will there be extra security for your document but using the software is quite easy!


How new technologies like VR and AI could influence the gambling world.

How new technologies like VR and AI could influence the gambling world.

Recent years have seen the emergence of a new breed of technology that is set to transform many industries around the world. The gambling industry is just one of the markets where operators and developers are searching for new innovations that will both enhance their gameplay and safeguard themselves against the criminal threats that are posed to the online gambling industry.

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence are just a couple of the technologies that are set to revolutionise the industry in ways we’ve never seen before. Whether the industry can implement the technology in a way that works for all parties remains in question but any changes that are made will occur under the watchful eye of law makers and legislature providers.

Virtual Reality

There isn’t an industry in the market that hasn’t been associated with virtual reality, but it’s mostly the markets that require great visuals to succeed that are jumping on the bandwagon. Many slot games by developers like NetEnt and Microgaming are increasingly creating slot games with immersive cut scenes and storylines that in recent years have been the latest innovations to the market.

What’s next for the industry? Virtual reality technologies like Oculus Rift will be a valuable marketing tool for casinos but the question remains how far away from gambling will virtual reality take the player and will this disassociate the player from the fact they are still in fact, gambling.

If gamers are playing for longer and lost in virtual worlds that mimic reality they are more likely to spend more money which will likely create an ethical debate around how much virtual reality gaming is fuelling things like gambling addiction. Furthermore, new developments within the virtual reality industry are suggesting that the technology will be able to detect gender and provide a custom gameplay experience within the virtual world that will target gamers specifically rather than on a mass scale which will blow the industry apart for both operators, developers and marketers.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is something that you hear about in science fiction movies or in predictions of the future. Images of a universe that has been taken over by robots who have grown smarter than us. The reality, despite being similar in notion looks a lot different. AI is mostly used to create the complicated algorithms that exist in the interface and behind the main themes of the game. The intelligence has superior brain power to the average human which creates gameplay that a normal player or at least the human mind cannot beat, without assistance.

In respect of this, the only way to beat artificial intelligence is to use artificial intelligence to counteract it.

Scott Manford, CEO of Easy Slots said: “Easy Slots prides itself on being at the forefront of industry when it comes to innovation and new technologies. Artificial intelligence is already and inherent part of the online casino world but it would be interesting to see it enter new areas of the industry. Virtual reality on the other hand is a hot topic for many gaming operators but it’s important to keep the correct balance when it comes to offering an immersive gameplay experience while also maintaining responsible gaming guidelines.” Read more.


It’s only a matter of time before technologies like artificial intelligence broker themselves into all areas of industry. There aesthetics creates a diverse spectrum of possibilities that could permeate a multitude of customer-face and online markets. The question remains as to whether enough research can be done into these technology’s to maintain safe gameplay within the gambling industry and also an effective algorithm that keeps gamers coming back for more while assuming some sort of power over the game.

How to give your website launch the takeoff it deserves

2016 09 22 1474505349 8662319 WebDesign - How to give your website launch the takeoff it deserves

It’s a satisfying moment, hitting that ‘update’ button for the final time as you put the finishing touches on your new and shiny website. Weeks, maybe even months of hard work are finally about to pay off and your website is about to go live. Then what? A new website in an ocean of newly published websites is not going to attract visitors on its own, that really would be asking a lot of the internet gods.

No, what you need is a successful website launch but what does one of these even look like? Any successful launch consists of several things, not just one magic key that will unlock the virtual floodgates while simultaneously putting a proverbial neon sign sign over your site for all to see.

What can you do then, to give your website launch the takeoff that it deserves? Well we has a chat with the team from Think Zap one of the leading web design companies in Glasgow and they were kind enough to share some of their top tips to launching a successful website! So Let’s jump straight in and take a look.

Decide on when to launch

This may seem a little redundant, but it is an important step nonetheless – especially if it isn’t just you that is involved with the website and the company behind it or the service that it represents and provides. Everybody involved needs to know when you intend to hit that launch button, so that everybody can prepare.

Content creators need a heads up, obviously, unless of course there is already a bunch of content that has been stacked ready to go. Marketers and ‘backroom’ staff need to know too so they can hit the ground running.

Make sure your site can actually be seen by search engines

Before you go all mission control and launch your website into, hopefully, the stratosphere, you need to make sure that it is indexed by search engines. This is one of the most important steps with any site launch, as it makes sure that your site actually shows up in organic search results.

Sitemaps can also be sent to help speed up the process and can by registering with the search engines themselves, to make use of their various tools, you can keep track of how your site is doing in relation to that particular search engine. Bing Webmaster Tools are very useful, and quite powerful, as is Google Search Console – if you are launching a new site, these are the two big services that you want to be making use of.

Don’t forget your URL migration

This one rather depends on how you have been developing your website. If you have been building your site from a different URL, to keep it away from curious eyes until it was ready, such as from a subdomain, for example, then you are obviously going to be changing the URL before launch.

If your site was built at, and all subsequent page links start from, “” but your final URL upon launch will actually be “” then you have a problem. 301 redirects in this case are not just ugly, but could cause issues with search results and ranking.

Instead, you need to alter the entire URL structure from the ground up. Most websites are built around WordPress, making this process fairly straightforward.

Make sure everyone is prepped and ready to go

If your URL is going to change with the launch, then you absolutely must inform everybody involved with marketing the site and services. Anyone involved with advertising, in any medium but digital especially as these changes can take a little longer to propagate, needs to know the new URL so that they can make the appropriate changes.

Printed material should, if not already done ahead of time (it’s unlikely you released anything with a placeholder URL, but there are other circumstances where these things may not be immediately apparent), reflect the new URL / domain as soon as humanly possible to avoid any delays or confusion on launch.

Get everybody up to speed

Before launch, get everybody in the same room or at least on a conference call – video is better – and start communicating. This is where last minute changes and requests should be made, so be prepared and set this meeting up in such a way that everyone has plenty of time to implement any ideas and suggestions that need to be implemented as a result of the meeting.

A week prior to launch is probably cutting it a little too close, while a month may be too long in some situations and leave things open to further changes which will inevitably delay the launch. You should aim for a comfortable middle ground, where that is will largely depend on how many people are involved and the scale of the project. That said, 2-3 weeks is usually enough for smaller sites and companies, but you may need a little longer.

Test, test and test again

You should be testing at every stage and milestone of the website creation process, but the testing phase does not end with the launch of the site. It is never too late, or a bad time, to test your website to destruction – the goal here is to find errors and issues before your visitors, clients and customers do.

Every single link on your website, internal and external, should be followed (this is especially important if your URL has changed) and every form should be filled in to completion – not just to see if it works on the site, but also to make sure that you actually receive the message in the backend.

If you have downloadable content, download it. Order some items from yourself too, in a testing environment rather than ‘live’ to avoid dozens of your own items being delivered. Obviously, you don’t have to download or purchase test everything, you just need to be sure the actual process works as expected.

Sing it from the rooftops

You have put your blood sweat and tears into something that you are very rightly proud of, so start shouting about it. Social media is a great way to spread the word, and a social media marketing campaign definitely something that you should be looking into as an ongoing strategy as well as all the other marketing that you should already be doing.

Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook (if you really have to) are all great places to start.

Press releases are also a great way to go, depending on your business or website type, naturally. In short, be proud and loud and make sure as many people and relevant businesses know about your site as soon as possible – and keep shouting about it.

Magic Indeed: SoundMAGIC E10 Headphones

Magic Indeed - Magic Indeed: SoundMAGIC E10 Headphones

One of the oldies but definite goodies in our book! Join us as we review the SoundMAGIC E10 headphones! On any given day that you search through a search engine for a headset, there is no doubt in our minds that you will be inundated with a plethora of choices. So how does a smart consumer choose? They do so by reading reviews by websites that they can trust.

We at Tech Made Easy make it our priority to deliver unbiased and truthful product reviews. This is how we get to stay on top and we would definitely like reward our readers with truthful advice. So without further ado, let’s get started!



A far cry from the usual drug store headphone “no choice/desperation” sort of buy, the earpieces on this set is made of sturdy aluminium which is actually pretty soft. So you can trust that your ears will not get bruised or sore from constant usage. The electricals are covered by a thick rubberized covers with some plastic thrown in for good measure.

What we find really appealing about this headset is that it does not only provide you with a working one but it also has three different sized earpieces! One of the biggest setbacks for generic headphones is being subjected to an earpiece that was either too large or too small. With SoundMAGIC E10, you do not have to worry about it—you have three to choose from!

For those that really care about “expressing themselves”, not to worry. There are several colors that you can choose from as well. The choices are: gold, purple, red, and silver. So there is a hue for everyone.



Of course, the main draw of headsets is not what they look like—it’s the sound that they process and produce. For the price (at the time of purchase) it was quite decent. The relay was fast, there were no unexpected echoes, and there was no weird distortion when you change the volume level.

Bass is a big kicker here, which we were not expecting to be so well defined for the price we paid. So be careful on how high you turn up the volume, you may end up injuring yourself. It terms of noise-cancellation, it was surprisingly good for something at this range. So we suggest that you do not use this when you are about to cross the road—you may have a hard time hearing incoming traffic.



When this headset first hit the market, it was available for £35. Not a bad price considering what it was saying that it could do. In the present market, these babies now go for about £69. Given the jump in price, this can only suggest that it is completely worth the money!


Verdict: Highly Recommended

All things considered, this headset can take some abuse. We used it for a round at the gym and we were still pretty comfortable. For something that was released several years ago, it stands the test of time. So if you’re in the market for a quality headset that won’t break your bank, we fully suggest that you go with the SoundMAGIC E10.

The Equifax Data Breach Shows the Importance of IT Security

equifax hacked - The Equifax Data Breach Shows the Importance of IT Security

For better or worse we live in a credit driven (some would say a debt driven) world. Anyone who wants to own a home, drive a nice car or just partake of the finer things needs to cultivate and maintain a good credit rating. To that end there are three major agencies that provide most of the world’s credit reports – Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.

These are companies that hold unfathomable amounts of personal data which they use to devise credit reports that hold enormous sway over the quality of our lives. The idea that any one of these big data behemoths could or would fall victim to a malicious hack has long been one of the scenarios that have kept IT security professionals awake at night. And now it’s happened. We had a chat with one a leading IT Support company in Glasgow and here’s what they had to say.

The Nightmare Scenario

For decades average people the world over have been asked to put their faith in the big three credit reporting agencies. Every time they’ve been asked to provide personal information there have been robust assurances that the information would remain absolutely confidential. Well, the days of blind trust in these (and by extension other companies that ask for personal information) are over. Because between May and July of 2017 Equifax was the target of one of the largest hacking operations in history.

During that time personal data on 143 million individuals was stolen from the Equifax servers by hackers exploiting what turned out to be a seemingly minor flaw in the company’s software. That data included names, birth dates, addresses, driver’s license numbers and the all-important Social Security numbers. Chances are if you’ve ever applied for credit in the US a hacker somewhere now has possession of your personal information.

Perhaps just as galling as the loss of privacy for so many people was the fact that the Equifax hack unfolded over the course of 3 months early in 2017. Every day during that period directors of the company showed up for work, held their meetings, discussed policy and continued to accumulate ever greater amounts of personal data while at the same time hackers scoured the Equifax servers for every last piece of information they could get their hands on.

When the company finally discovered the hack in July their response was less than exemplary.

They created a team to manage the crisis from an IT perspective in August and only announced their servers had been compromised in September. Following the revelation they botched the launch of a website intended to provide information to concerned consumers while language on their own site seemed to indicate that if a person wanted to know what was going on they first had to waive their right to sue the company.

In time these and other issues were set right but the damage to the company’s reputation was almost as significant as the amount of data lost in the hack and the CEO was forced to resign in disgrace.

The Implications

While millions of consumers were horrified to learn their confidential information was now in the hands of criminals business owners around the world we just as horrified by the implications of the Equifax hack. After all, if such a huge company – one that spends tens of millions of dollars a year on data security – could be violated in such a comprehensive manner what does say about the IT security of other, less well financed companies?

Businesses Respond

In the wake of the Equifax fiasco individual consumers are not the only ones who need to take a good long look at the way they conduct themselves. Businesses too need to take stock of their IT practices and determine a better way forward. The primary areas of concern boil down to:

  1. A) Getting some idea how the Equifax hack may impact your business directly and
  2. B) Taking steps to strengthen your current IT practices

Find Out if Your Business Was Affected

If you suspect your business may have been victimized by the Equifax hack there are a few steps you can take to protect yourself.

  • Go to the Equifax Cybersecurity Incident Info page – They have a complete list of every company whose data was compromised. You can also sign up for the company’s free credit monitoring service which will inform you of any activity related to your information the minute it happens.
  • Freeze Your Credit – If you learned through the Equifax Cybersecurity Incident page that your information was indeed stolen you should seriously consider freezing your company credit immediately. While this may be a significant inconvenience it may also prevent your company from being dragged into the abyss.
  • Monitor Your Credit Report – You have a right to request a free credit report once a year. Do so. This can alert you to any problems that may have slipped through the cracks of your other security related efforts.

Ramp up Your Security Efforts

No one should feel bad for Equifax though perhaps they should be thanked for providing two important lessons all businesses can and should learn:

  1. Address any Issues, Now – As it turns out Equifax was aware of the IT weakness the hackers used to gain entry to their servers. They had simply put off dealing with it, thinking it was not a significant issue. They could not have been more wrong and you should not make the same mistake. Order an immediate review of your IT security protocols and address any concerns, no matter how seemingly minor, without delay.
  2. Secure What Information You Have – Find out exactly what sensitive information you have on your servers, where it is and who has access to it and then take steps to protect as much of it as possible via additional security tools. This may include taking steps to classify all of your data so that hackers cannot gain access to the most sensitive information. Data classification can be time consuming and expensive but having vulnerable data on your server in this day and age simply isn’t going to cut it, as Equifax has hopefully taught us all.

True Talk: Is It worth Buying the New iPhone?

True Talk - True Talk: Is It worth Buying the New iPhone?

There has been a lot of news about Apple launching its latest phone called the iPhone X. So now the question goes: is it truly worth buying? Ever since the iPhone graced the world in 2007, it has certainly changed the world of phones as we knew it.

Instead of something that was used simply to communicate with each other, it now became the premiere choice for cellular phones. With consistent releases even after the death of Steve Jobs, Apple continues to dominate the gadget sphere. However, this does not mean there has not been any grumblings over the phone. Here are some of the largest reasons why there has been a lot of hesitation regarding the latest iPhone:



The selling price of the iPhone has only gone up through the years. It’s not even something that you can excuse with inflation. When the very first iPhone was launched, it was selling for almost $600. It was shortly after that they dropped the price to around half. However, as the company saw that regardless of the price, they took that as the sign that they had the market in a pretty solid way.

From what we’ve gathered, the latest iPhone will hit wallets for 999 pounds for the 64GB variation and almost 1,150 pounds for the 256GB version.  If anything having the latest Apple gadget is more of a status symbol than anything.



In terms of performance, most people tend to still prefer the iPhone 8. While the newest iPhone does boast a massive screen size—the largest seen on an iPhone—people aren’t too happy about the facial recognition unlock feature. Privacy has always been a great concern, particularly now that hacking seems to be a fairly regular occurrence.

The OS is in the latest form which introduces a lot simplistic styling. The camera comes in a double 12 MP rear camera and a 7 MP front one. One of the things that we’re really looking forward to trying is the wireless charging. As anyone who has ever owned an iPhone will know that the first thing to ever break is the charger. This will be an interesting take to help lessen the carrying load as well as the amount of plastic used to produce chargers.

There are a huge number of smartphone aficionados that say that in terms of capacity, the latest iPhone isn’t really bringing anything new to the table. It’s just a flashy way of saying “I’ve got money!”


Are you getting one?

As of right now, Apple has announced that pre-orders will start at around the latter part of October. We’re definitely going to get our hands on one just to get a fully assessment and review by our own team of writers. After all, you can’t really provide an accurate review if you don’t have the actual product with you.

Let us know if you’re planning to get one or if you’re interested in reading a full on review. We’re always glad to hear from our audiences!


tips to buy a used iPhone 6 Infographic - True Talk: Is It worth Buying the New iPhone?

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